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10 Reasons to Get Inspired by Handmade Goods This Year[Infographic]

There were times when we only used to go for handmade goods. Our clothes, jewelry, furniture, lifestyle items and accessories, all used to be hand crafted by artisans. There were no machines or complex production lines at that time and everything that we owned had a mark of authenticity on them. Once!
10 reasons to get inspired by handmade goods this year
Today though not having a brand or logo imprinted on our possessions is something of a social stigma. Now the machines have taken over and no, we are not talking about The Terminator Franchise. Handcrafted products are practically lost somewhere and in an effort to understand their true worth we have conjured up a list that sheds light on their USP. Handmade goods offer you higher quality and relatively much more attention to detail. But are you aware of the many other benefits that it has to offer?


handmade goods from artisna marketplace
These are clearly more environment friendly as there is no need of any fuel powered machines and complicated production assembly lines to come up with the final product. The work is done completely by hand and that takes up much less energy or power thus making it more environmentally sustainable.


Today a rather large portion of our generation is unemployed. This is true for many countries and another major reason why you should choose handmade goods after all. Spending money on hand-crafted products would help create jobs and generate millions of dollars in local wages. According to a study, just a 10% shift of consumer spending in favor of locally owned handmade businesses could create hundreds of new jobs and ensure a livelihood for thousands.


Many studies and experiments have proven time and again that we as social animals are very much affected by the fact that an object we own is considered authentic. A work of art or a piece that is unique or one of its kind would easily find acceptance and more preference when compared with factory made products. This holds true for every artisan product, be it their jewelry or jams, pillow cases or vases. They all are perceived as having more value in society as opposed to mass produced goods.


What causes most people to shell out more money and invest in handcrafted products is the fact that they are often just better. A study on coffee revealed that 47% respondents found it to be tastier when prepared by hand as compared to machine-produced drinks.


If you have even a slight artistic bend of mind then you ought to feel good about your purchase when you decide to choose handmade goods. Most of us tend to favor goods from businesses that stand for a cause or are in the best interests of local artisans and/or creators. It fits the bill well when you want to give back something to the society.


With handmade goods we have the option of customizing our purchase as we often deal directly with the artisan. When you are out to purchase handcrafted goods, artisans are mostly open to tweaking and altering some aspects of the product specifically to your needs. This is another reason to choose handmade goods over factory made items.


Many studies suggest that handmade goods offer a fuller experience as compared to mass produced goods due to the simple fact they have both intrinsic and extrinsic properties. The knowledge that they are handmade along with the utility they offer is enough to generate a sense of surety and satisfaction in the minds of the user.


The Internet today is brimming with online artisan marketplaces and as a result more and more people have a chance to embrace handcrafted goods. Buying handmade goods online does not only let you have the best in quality but also induces a better understanding of art.


One of the most obvious and yet the most unquantifiable reasons to invest in handmade goods is the fact that these products are unique. Many of us like owning something that hasn’t come out of a big factory unit and has a character of its own. This is the basic nature of handmade goods; they are fewer in number and you just know that whatever you’re wearing or putting up on your walls or on your furniture is as unique as you are.


This leads us to studies that show that supporting locally owned independent businesses can work for the betterment for the society. Instead of our money being spent on mass produced goods and in many cases leaving the country, you can retain all of it by promoting local shops, artisans, painters, potters, carpenters and wrought iron workers and their basement workshops and small scale manufacturing units.
This is also helpful for the art and the artist. In this time and age where advanced technology and machines are gradually replacing skilled workers, it is important to keep handicrafts alive. Making high quality environmentally friendly goods at a low cost still proves to be a financially feasible career choice. Encouraging such businesses helps uplift the weaker sections of the community at large.

10 Reasons to Get Inspired by Handmade Goods This Year [infographic]

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