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Handknitted Items | Knit Some More for Home Décor

If You Know How to Knit

You should know how to make your home cozier. Put some art in your walls and more. Yes, knitted items are not only something that can adorn your heads in the form of scarves or head gears. You can have your colorful creations displayed about your home and be the reason for constant awing.

It is not only for the hot cocoa lovers who enjoy a great Stephen King novel lying beside the fire place on a Saturday afternoon. So don’t just stick to woolly wonders but foray into cotton, lycra, spandex and French terry and sequin fabrics; the list is quite long if you really are into doing it with all your heart. Take out your grandmother’s knitting needles and crochet sets that you had stored in the attic and trust me you don’t have to play the modern day Barbara Cartland for it. Just go one step at a time to make your home super cozy and stylish.

Cozy Comfy Chairs

cozy comfy chair

All you have to do is measure the dimensions of your furniture like you would your children and design lovable garments to dress them up in. You can also stick with just leg coverings for you chairs if you want. This way you can muffle any sound that they might make while you move them along the floor to get closer to the window or dining table.

Comforters & Covers

comforters and covers

Textured coverings and layers are in. So if you want to give your sofa or recliner or couch a different look, you can easily do that. You can put your free flowing ideas to work and come up with free flowing knitting. They add color and character to your chairs, tables, lamps and furniture as well.

Baskets & Pockets

baskets and pockets

Now if you find it hard remaining organized and keeping things in place and in reach, a cotton crochet basket would be your perfect partner. Throw your supplies into it or your tools or just use it to store your dirty laundry perhaps. The colors, patterns and loops can be as vivid as your mood swings.

Mug Sweaters

mug sweaters

Thinking of doing something adventurous, are we? What about a crochet birdhouse or a wall hanging with flower knit pieces or perhaps a couple or more of chandelier sleeves. Now that’s interesting isn’t it? You can also go for beautiful coverings and snout sleeves for your teapots and mugs. They will look cuter than the neighbor’s furry Chihuahua any day.  Covering your photo frames and encasing your precious art pieces too will never be more fun.

Rugs & Pillows

rugs pillows

If you thought that those expensive carpets in the store are the only thing of beauty, think again. Making a hand knitted cable rug at home could prove every bit ideal if you want to save more pennies. You will be amazed at how it feels to you and to your kids too. And while they are playing gleefully on it, you can think of throwing in some floor pillows into the fun. Pillow cases with their familiar loops and stitches add to the beauty and chic factor of the rugs and complete them.

Knitted Corners & Accessories

knitted corners and accessories

Talking about the forlorn single chair that fell apart from the rest of the set just because it could hold up better than its family; you don’t have to feel sad for it anymore. Add a few cotton knitted pieces to give it more color and you have a vibrant corner in your bedroom. Same can be done with the lone bulb wire that hangs over your study table. It doesn’t have to be lonely for long. Cover it with a long and sturdy crochet piece and add a few metallic charms at the end to cast heart shaped shadows perhaps.

Cottony Containers & Clocks

cottony containers and clocks

Right from your flower pots to your pencil or paint brush holders; everything can be made colorful. You won’t see anything slipping off the table anymore. But what will slip away is time, though encircling your clocks within stunning knitted creations could help you savor every second that you spend indoors. Decorating your home with such intimate and handmade creations would not only make your place more inviting but also more YOU. Don’t be confused, be creative and come back to Artisna for more amazing and incredible lifestyle tips.

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