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4 Easy Homemade Soap Recipes

Soapy Slippery Sequel to Your Homemade Soap Lessons

homemade soapy slippery sequel

We just had to leave you in the middle of a soapy predicament while we collected some exciting yet easy breezy homemade soap recipes. You had enough time to grasp the fact that they and “they” being soaps are not mere cleaning agents for your body. They and “they” again being soaps don’t just help remove dirt and grime from your skin but can keep you fresh all day long. Soaps when composed of the right ingredients can have amazing effects on your lifestyle and daily stress levels as well. Surprising, isn’t it? Some soaps may also have certain healing properties that directly impact your health and well-being. We promised some interesting yet simple homemade soap recipes and so here they are. Now that you have all the basic knowledge of soap solutions and ingredients, let’s start with the simplest ones.

Tea Tree Soap

homemade tea tree soapFor this refreshingly antiseptic soap you are going to need:

  • Two tbsp Tea Tree Oil which by the way has wonderful natural antiseptic and antibacterial effects
  • Two tsp Turmeric Powder, again something that packs antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Two cups clear glycerin soap base

The procedure is quite simple and starts with combining the soap base, tea tree oil and turmeric root powder and heating them until the mixture turns into a yellowish semi-clear liquid. Now transfer the liquid into molds and cases of your choice and allow it to set and cool down. The turmeric especially has a coarse texture and that acts as a mild exfoliator. These powerful antiseptic ingredients are perfect for any cuts and wounds that you might have. Tea Tree soap is also ideal for general protection against harmful bacteria and viruses while the turmeric present also functions as a skin lightening agent.

Handmade Cocoa Ginger Soap

homemade cocoa ginger soap

This is a recipe ideal for relieving stress and providing your unusually dry skin with ample moisture. The ingredients in it also help you during unexpected spells of nausea and fatigue. To make it you are going to need:

  • Two cups basic soap or Glycerin mix
  • Two tbsp Dried Ginger Flakes or Ginger Powder for a finer mix
  • Two tbsp Cocoa Butter

The procedure for this too is quite easy and you can start with simply combining the ingredients in a sauce pan over medium heat until the mixture becomes uniform in consistency. Then pour it out into molds and allow it to set and cool. Use as you please and get de-stressed in a jiffy!

Rosemary Lavender Soap

homemade rosemary lavandar soap

Rosemary and Lavender, hmm… these are probably some of the best smelling ingredients that you will find and are two incredible stress relievers that work wonders in the form of essential oils. Due to these properties they have been used for ages. You too can naturally curb your stress and deflate anxiety by making your own Rosemary Lavender Soap at home.

For this you are going to need:

  • Three or four cups Glycerin or a commonly found soap base
  • One tsp Rosemary Oil
  • One tsp Lavender Oil
  • ¼ or half a cup dried Rosemary and Lavender leaves

You can start by mixing together all these sweet smelling ingredients in a bowl. Make sure that it is microwave safe as you will have to cook it in for a minute or two. Microwave it until the soap mixture is almost or completely clear and without any lumps. Pour it into soap molds and set them to cool down or you can refrigerate them for a while too.

Homemade Aloe Soap

homemade aloe soap

This is perfect for dull, dry and dehydrated skin. Aloe Vera is not only abundant in hydrating molecules but also in nutrients and natural moisturizers that keep your skin healthy and youthful. What you’ll need is:

  • One cup Glycerin soap base
  • 1/8 cup Aloe Vera gel
  • Two tbsp crushed and dried Nettle Leaf

Just mix together all the three ingredients in a bowl and microwave it till the soap base melts. Then pour the soapy liquid into molds and allow it to set and cool. Use the soaps as an when you feel the need or make them in big batches and enjoy them in your everyday life. You can have your fair share of fun by making soap bubbles or just soak in their slippery goodness for an hour or so or even sell them to your neighbors and friends and become the Bubbly Lady that we talked about. Do whatever you feel like with them but do come back to Artisna for more on healthy living tips and insights.

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