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3 Simple, Short And Sweet Handmade Toys Ideas

Making soft toys at home is not difficult at all. You can do it and that too within a day’s time. And don’t be surprised if I say that some handmade toys can be made in a matter of minutes. Read on to find out how!

3 Simple Short And Sweet Handmade Toys Ideas

1.Handmade Soft Toys

If you are even a tiny bit interested in knitting or anything related to sewing and stitching, you can easily come up with handmade soft toys for your little one. You are going to need some pieces of colorful clothing, strong threads, sewing needles, buttons and markers and glitter if you want. Start by cutting the cloth into simple shapes (in pairs). Sew the edges of the cutouts halfway before filling them with cotton. Now fill them completely and sew up the toy. Decorate with buttons, markers and glitter for the final touch. There you have it, your very own homemade bunny, Tweety bird, sparkly pink kitty or soft initial toys. The choices are unlimited!

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2.Handmade Doll House

Handmade Doll House
This is very easy and all you are going to need is some stiff cardboard, some glossy papers and miniature furniture and other little dolly things that your little girl has lying around. You can make a horizontal plan or a vertical plan, pick a style that you like and start by planting cardboard walls. Before you stick them to the floor, make sure to draw and cut out holes for windows and doors in them. Decorate them different papers and patterns of clothing. You can cut your old clothing and make bed sheets, doormats, curtains, dresses for the dolls and a lot more. You can use your old earrings in place of chandeliers and go for those little Christmas lights from last year to make it even more exciting for your little girl.

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3.Handmade Dolls

Handmade Dolls
This requires a little understanding of the human anatomy and careful measurements. Your handmade dolls do not have to look perfect human clones. Just keep them symmetrical and non-creepy and your kids will be happy. You can start by drawing the shapes for the head, torso, arms and legs on the cloth of your choice and cutting them out in shape neatly. Sew the pairs halfway through to form a pocket just like you did above and fill them up with clean cotton. Sew the pockets neatly when completely filled. Attach the limbs and head to the torso. You can either draw and paint the features on the face or go for attachable eyes, lashes, lips and doll nose which you can easily find at any crafts store. Dress her up in baby size clothes, cowgirl costume or any of your baby’s old dresses and decorate with buttons, lace, glitter and sequins. Your handmade doll is ready to rock and roll. Wasn’t it so, so simple and doable?

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