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3 Things That Make Handmade Handbags So Valuable

Are you too asking yourself the same question right now? Why are handbags so much the way they are, be them handmade or otherwise? Handmade handbags in particular hold a special place in our minds and not just because they are made by hand but because they are relatively undiscovered still. That is why we are still running after high end brands and so willing to shell out huge money for them. What these branded creations lack in is what makes handmade bags so special, care to find out?

ecofriendly handmade handbag

1.Fully Customized

fully customised handmade handbags for women


Now first things first, handmade shoulder bags or totes are created keeping the user in mind. Yes, their designs that are so, so unique are not just made that way only because the artisan feels like doing so but also because you told him to do so. You do not end up carrying someone else's favorite patterns or textures rather the ones that you have personally picked out. Yup, handmade handbags are so special because they can be made to order.

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Another thing is that all of it, those handcrafted diaper bags or purses are created in rather small batches. So, even if you decide to choose from random batch, chances of ending up with an identical piece as another person is close to nil! These are not churned out from standardized machinery and equipment and so they are far away from that almost robotic perfection and symmetry. You can feel the hard work and passion of the artisan that have gone into making each piece. That is why you can rest assured that you are in possession of a handbag that is one of a kind most probably in every sense of the word.


3.Eco Friendly



Like I said handmade handbags or purses and wallets even are not manufactured using heavy and fuel powered machines but only by two humble but deft hands of the artist somewhere far off in Africa or India. There is no trace of carbon on them and you can be proud of yourself in making a difference by supporting the environment. Now that is something really cool I would say, wouldn’t you?

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