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4 Best Handicraft Fairs of the World

If it is not in a craft fair, it is not in sight. As a vendor or artisan you need to go out there and market your produce to the right people. Craft fairs are an ideal way to go about it. Your handmade creations are going to get the right platform if and when you get them in front of an audience that is going to appreciate them in more ways than one.


There are many such platforms and craft fairs across countries that make it easy for artisans to reach out to a wider potential consumer base with minimum costs incurred. These events are not just a means to displaying your craft to your customers but also function as a learning curve in your career. Following is a list of some of the most popular destinations to visit a craft fair while you are aiming at growth and expansion of your handmade business:

1.The American Craft Council Show, USA

The American Craft Council organizes a show in Baltimore which is arguably the nations’ biggest craft show. This handicraft fair is in fact the largest juried undertaking and is carried on indoors with more than 700 crafters and artisans attending the event.

It is usually held during the last week of February. Here artisans from across the country get a unique opportunity to showcase their talent to a large gathering of people who come here from faraway places. The event takes place at the Baltimore Convention Center and offers artisans a promise for a better future.

2.Tasmanian Craft Fair, Australia

The beautiful country down under is the home to the Tasmanian Craft Fair. This one show has been known for the high standard of quality and nothing compares to what artisans there have to display. If you are not from Australia or are planning to travel down under, better make sure to go there in the month of November.

You should make it a point to visit this craft show which is held in 16 locations across the town of Deloraine in Tasmanian's north. The event showcases at least 240 exhibitors and it is run over a period of 4 days, starting from Friday through Monday.

There is no need for you to take your car from venue to venue. You can instead just arrive there, park your car and take one of the shuttle buses being operated there for easy commuting. They are continually run for the entire duration of the event from venue to venue.
The vendors or artisans that participate in this event are self representing artists and many even perform demonstrations on site.

Many artists also claim to have to work all year long just to prepare for this event. However, this preparation does prove useful as almost all of the artisans return with their entire stocks completely sold out.

Tourists, crafts enthusiasts and art seekers travel to this show from all over the country, and the world. This is the ideal place to find the most sought after and high quality handmade goods.

3.Festival of Living Crafts, England

England is the home to the Festival of Living Crafts which is a wide selection of contemporary as well as traditional art and craft. Living Crafts turns 43 in 2017 with hundreds of the finest artisans and craftsmen from all over the British Isles participating in the event.

The work on display must only be made in Great Britain and can be only made by the exhibiting artists. All products that are put on display here have to be completely original and produced by hand.

4.Suraj Kund Mela, India

Nothing and no other country compares to India when it comes to handicrafts and artisan made goods. This country is renowned worldwide for its art and crafts and numerous fairs that many of its states host on a regular basis. The Surajkund Handicrafts Mela for instance is one of the biggest art and craft fairs of the country.

The Suraj Kund handicrafts fair has been showcasing authentic Indian arts, crafts, and symbols of her rich culture and tradition, for more than the past 25 years. The city of Faridabad is the host to this event and this year it was celebrated with even more fervor since it is the state’s 50th year of existence.

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