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4 Fashion Savvy Ideas for Spring

The aim of fashion is to make you look good, well most of the times, wouldn’t you agree? Spring is one of those times as well. There is a lot of scope for changes in your daily fashion choices in this season. If you are a fan of bright colors and bold patterns do give yourself a much needed break from the mundane winter outfits.

4 Fashion Savvy Ideas for Spring

Remember, it is not summer yet and the last thing you want is to feel cold when you should be comfortable and a bit snug instead. Be it a picnic or a Sunday brunch at a friend’s place or just a simple stroll for window shopping with your college mates, spring dresses and accessories make you look and feel young and trendy every time you decide to put them on. Always keep in mind, this is a transition season and not a weather that is going to last for long, therefore make the most of the time you have with it. Start simple and you will discover that dressing up for spring could be the best thing you ever did.


1. Color

Spring is the season of light and bright colors, so don’t forget to give into cheerful, happy, and fresh shades of dresses. You can go for patterns in handmade dresses as well which seems to be the latest craze among many women. Looking beautiful this spring doesn’t have to be difficult at all, so ditch the black, grey and navy items right now! Time is now to go for something yellow, pink, blue, or leaf green or sea foam green, lavender and lilacs, and pale yellows and sultry orange, practically anything that makes your outfits pop. If you choose handmade dresses for spring, you can find a lot of options for attires that specifically go with your personality and body type. If you are not fond of bold colors, you can always stock up on more neutral shades and subtle styles or patterns as these would definitely make for a worthwhile investment.

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2. Style

If we talk about branded dresses that are readily available on your favorite stores in the most upscale of markets, then the choices you get are a little limited. They are indeed some of the best in the market but still a little narrow. Whereas if you go for something that is handmade, you get a little more than you bargain for in terms of materials, fabrics and textures right from cotton to its various blends, chiffon, silk, linen, lycra blends, hemp and mix synthetic fabrics that are super soft and make for the perfect fit.

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3. Layers

Spring lets you dawn the most stylish layers and come off as super trendy without even trying. Be it handmade or branded dresses, accessories and add-ons always look effortless and classy with them. You can be dressed up with a thin sweater and a muffler and be the queen of minimalism and class or go for a hippy style jacket on your bright yellow dress to balance the look. Spring clothing accessories let you play it down and up as and when you need.

A Tip:

Keep a wind-breaker with you always because they are really helpful during the first few months of spring. They block out chilly breezes and protect you from light rain as well. If you want to be a little more on the cool side, grab one with a hood and your spring look is complete. If you choose to make a fashion statement with a handmade dress from your favorite artisan shop, do consider a stylish trench coat. They are lightweight and go with almost everything you wear because of their neutral color. Not that those trench coats don’t come in fun colors and patterns, they do and can give your outerwear a distinct personality.

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4. Bold Cuts

Spring is the time to look for “flowing” cuts and bold fits that accentuate your gym toned legs; that is if you have been working a sweat at the gym. Blouses with a flattering but not loose fit pay homage to the warm weather and help you look your stylish best without compromising on comfort. If you are fond of tops and shirts, delicate floral prints look nice and symbolize blooming flowers. Go for polka dots, paisley, and stripes for a more daring look. Try a maxi-dress as its breezy cuts and flowing designs will keep you from both overcooling and overheating. Similarly, knee-length handmade dresses are classic and would flatter you no matter what size you are.

Tune in again for some more seasonal fashion advice!

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