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4 Steps Guide to Handmade Necklaces and Pendants At Home

Let’s just leave everything else aside for a while and have a look at what all we can do to make our very own pendants and necklaces at home. Why? They are simply beautiful, that’s why. Need more reasons? Contrary to what many people might say, handmade necklaces and pendants are very easy to make at home.

4 Step Guide to Handmade Necklaces and Pendants At Home

They are obviously a lot more affordable than the jewelry you get in branded stores. To add to that the pieces and designs that you can come up at home are unique and very much you in style. Let’s have a look at the various materials that you can use in your jewelry DIY at home:



These can be wooden or metallic or plastic. The colors that you get here are limitless ranging from reds to bright purples and greens and sea blues and surreal yellows. You can also find multicolored beads and the translucent ones in particular look serene on a silver or white gold chain.


If you want to go for a more conventional look, given that you are adept at handling that kind of delicate detail and craft, then you can go for precious and semi-precious stones and charms. You would obviously require more experience and dexterity of hands to handle those stones and gems and set them in the wire or casing of your choice.

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Drops and pendants that you find at your local crafts or jewelry store are the simplest and the best way to give your necklace a more symmetrical look. Every piece of embellishment and design that you add into your handmade necklaces is balanced by a beautiful pendant or drop in the center.


Wires and strings are the thing of impeccable importance in your handmade jewelry adventures and ventures. Where are you going to hang all those intricate things of beauty? How are those sparkling stones and beads going to beckon the most stubborn of glances your way? Answer is a really glossy and gorgeous metal wire or chains or those soft and elastic strings that let you make stunning choker necklaces.


Clasps, hooks and pins and holes at the end of a wire or chain necklace are what hold the entire piece of jewelry together and you just can’t ignore their function. If you are looking for a simple setting, you can go for the most conventional double knot or bail and loop in case of strings of course.

Let’s start with a simple step by step guide for handmade necklaces and pendants to give you more clarity. We will make a simple silver pendant necklace with multicolored beads for the fresh summer look:

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1. Get Inspired

Start taking references from your favorite magazines and designer jewelry catalogues. This is helpful in particular if you find it difficult to come up with your own design and creations. A little help goes a long way and thus borrowing some ideas from existing designs never hurt.

2. Gather Supplies

Take a picture of the kind of necklace or jewelry design you seek and run down to the nearest craft or jewelry store. Choose from the myriad of silver beads and pendants available out there to match your design. Before settling upon a string or chain, make sure that it can hold the weight of the pendant without breaking.

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3. Start Stringing

Now what you need to do is start stringing those beads and pendant onto your string or chain. If you are aiming for a single piece and unified look, opt for a smooth chain and a single pendant. You will need a pair of pliers to put the jump rings in the chain and set the pendant in place. For a more complex and decorative look, you can add numerous silver beads before (depending upon the length of the string), then the pendant and then again finish the setup with beads. You can add either crimp beads or jump rings on both the ends to hold the entire apparatus in place.

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4. Close with Clasps

Lobster clasps, hooks and loops and pins and holders and clips; options for closing and finishing your handmade necklaces are aplenty. You can pick one that suits your pendant and complete your look in an instant. You will need a pair of pliers to pry open the ends of the clasps to attach them snugly to the chain or string. So, there it is, such a simple handmade necklace and pendant DIY.

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