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5 Best Handmade Market Places In India

Are malls becoming a thing of the past? Perhaps, because no doubt online shopping has taken over our lives and the trend is not going anywhere for a few years now. But are they a match to the beautiful traditional handmade markets of India?

5 Best Handmade Market Places In India

Not even close!

The variety that you get here from clothes to spices to jewelry to home décor is amazing and the designs in handcrafted jewelry are simply out of this world. Today, when we can buy new clothes with just a click and groceries get delivered to our doorstep with a simple phone call, there is much more yet to be discovered. Yes, India is very much what is depicted in those traditional markets that are the age old custom of Indian artisans spanning across the peninsula. Let’s start exploring one by one right now:

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1. Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

handmade market places in Delhi India
Jaipur in Rajasthan is a popular destination and the gateway to a completely different world. The Pink City is the home to a very famous handmade jewelry market that is located close to the immensely popular Hawa Mahal. With hundreds of shops studded across the length and width of this market it offers you a wide variety of the most beautiful jewels and gems. The gorgeous Kundan and Meenakari designs are accompanied by the Thewa and Polki style of jewelry making and many other authentic Rajasthani traditional gold and silver jewelry. This incredible handmade goods marketplace is surrounded by Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar which too have loads to offer. You can find endless collections of handmade clothes, shoes, utensils, and ethnic Rajasthani wear. Looking for something modern are we, Jaipur has that too and when you are finally tired of shopping, don’t forget to sample some of the most exquisite recipes the local restaurants offer piping hot.

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2. Dilli Haat, New Delhi

Handmade market place in Delhi Haat- India
The national capital is not at all behind in this race with its haat located in the South of the city. New Delhi gives you the experience that is unparalleled. This is a robust serving of a rural traditional haat (market) that is being kept alive by the many, many artists and artisans coming here on a daily basis amidst melodious music and a delicious cuisine lineup. The products that are offered here are suitable for the contemporary goods seekers as well as the vintage and handmade starved. The Delhi haat is an exceptional handmade goods market that offers the best in handmade jewelry, clothes and hand knitted items and designer accessories of all kinds.

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3. Sardar Market, Jodhpur

handmade market place in Jodhpur- India
Colorful from every angle the Sardar Market of Jodhpur is located close to the Mehrangarh fort in Rajasthan. This market is the place to go if you are looking for a wide variety of traditional Bandhej clothes. Lovers of the Mojris (traditional Rajasthani shoes), travel half the world to buy these and never go back disappointed. The Sardar market is immensely popular for its stunning handicrafts, beautiful handmade textiles, painstakingly handcrafted bangles, and spices. You may find that shopping can be even more addictive than your favorite brand of white wine.

4. Mahidharpura Diamond Market, Surat

Diamond market place in Surat- India
You heard it right. Diamonds! Surat is the place in India where you come across men carrying hundreds of diamonds as if they were piles of stones. Welcome to the Mahidharpura diamond market of Surat. This is a famous market for diamonds not only in Gujarat but across the world. Come join the people who carry huge amounts of cash to buy diamonds as if they buy groceries. Here the shopkeepers carve, polish and examine diamonds and many other precious stones by hand.

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5. Ima Market, Imphal

Ima handmade market place in Imphal- India
Ima market is in Imphal and is also known as Mother’s market. Located in the capital of Manipur this is the only market in the world where the stalls are run and controlled completely by women. The Ima market is where over 30,000 women come to on a daily basis to sit in rows and trade handmade goods of all kinds. The choices of articles that you get here are endless. Right from handicrafts, hand knitted baskets and beautiful cane works to handmade utensils, clothes, daily grocery items and even fish, you find everything here. This was but just a glimpse of what India has to offer to the seeker of true traditional beauty.

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