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5 Handmade Gift Ideas for Your Baby

If you are thinking about trying your hand in some handmade baby stuff at home, don’t let anyone stop you. This is because of a few simple reasons. First, these things are easy and enjoyable to make, second, even if they come out wrong and funny looking your baby is not going to mind sporting it, and third, if they in fact do come out good, then yay for you and your baby!

Gift ideas for kids and toddlers


Homemade baby gifts are a lot of fun and lately it seems as if everyone has become interested in trying them at home. So, lets’ start with the most basic and a relatively easy set of DIYs for your little one:



1.Personalized Messages Poster

Personalized-Messages-Poster gift ideas for baby

You can grab some colorful markers and a big handmade sheet of your choice for the poster and start writing the sweetest things that you can think of for your baby to see. Your little toddler or baby has to like something for instance dressing like a princess or cuddling with those little green dinosaurs and soft toys on the shelf. You can mention all these things in the poster and put them either on the wall facing the baby’s cot or on the wall that has all his photo frames and wall hangings to make for an attractive center piece of sorts. Hand written messages and “I Like” statements addressed to your little baby make for a lovable gift that just fills the room with positive energy.


2.Beautiful Beaded Headbands



To begin with this you will need some patience and a measuring tape. The easiest way to make a headband is to start with an elastic band that is not so tight as to annoy your little baby. Choose one with lesser tension and then start sewing the softest and prettiest lace on to it. You can pick out the color of your choice and go wild with decorating them while you are at it. You can embellish them with sequins, play with colorful threads and beads and also add some glitter for some extra fun. Be adventurous and your handmade baby items will become more of an art project than a chore.


3.Handmade Baby Hair Clips


Yes, you can make them at home and no you don’t have to make them from scratch. You can get some really smooth and colorful clips in the market very easily. Always opt for the ones that do not have any tight corners or sharp edges. Now that you have selected your favorite color and design of baby clips, it is time to sew those rose petals. A simple satin ribbon or lace would go a long way here and they are very smooth to the touch so they make for an ideal choice of fabric. After sewing in the final detail, just use a drop of super glue to stick the rose bud in place with a firm press. Leave it to dry and voila!

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4.Handmade Pillows


Making handmade pillows is like making a sandwich except that you are not going to be the one enjoying them. You can start by taking two pieces of cloth of the same size and shape. Sew them on the edges more than half way through and stuff them with soft and clean cotton bits. For the pillow cases you can choose any color you like or go with rainbow or zebra prints or simply match them with the room or the nursery. The shapes that you can go for can be absolutely anything from a star to a frog to an octopus to a turtle. You can make your pillows as soft or as firm as you want depending on their use. Make them soft if the baby’s head is going to rest on it and make them firm if you want to use them to prevent the baby from rolling over in the bed.


5.Colorful Illustrations


Your baby has to have some favorite cartoon characters. You can easily get them printed on A4 or A5 size sheets and color them in the brightest of colors. Then you can get them scanned and printed on bigger sheets that cover almost the whole wall. You can display your handmade colorful illustrations in their room and watch their face light up. You can do the same thing with their favorite fairy tales and involve them in the activity as well. Teach them how to color spaces and train them to stay in between lines. It could be a fun family get together that brings you all a lot closer.

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