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5 Reasons to Choose Handmade Wedding Cummerbunds

Weddings are a place where you get to flaunt your fashion sense and styling skills. Choosing handmade cummerbunds could be one of the most intelligent and fashion conscious decisions that you could ever make. They look beautiful, gracious, and very expensive.

The best part is that they make you look like some oriental beauty straight out of an Arabian Nights story, well, at least some women say that. Handmade wedding cummerbunds are not just for brides to be but are also designed for bridesmaids and your maid of honor as well. You can sport one even if you are attending one as a guest. There are a number of designs and patterns to choose from.

So, if you're looking to make a grand entry on your big day or on your dear friend’s big day and convey a message to everyone that you are the object of their attention (after the bride of course) then wearing a handmade cummerbund would be an ideal choice.
A very interesting fact about handmade jewelry and accessories is that they show how much you appreciate the creator who put in hours or probably days into creating something as unique as this. But we will get to that in a while, first we should talk a little about the incomparable beauty of this meaningful piece of handmade jewelry.

1.It offers Originality and Style

Handmade wedding cummerbunds offer a kind of uniqueness because they are not made by hand. You can say that no two pieces made by the artisan will ever be the same. You're making an investment in an object of beauty that is going to remain unaffected by any changes in trends or fashions. This is simply because you will not be wearing the same jewelry as everyone else around you. Handcrafted wedding jewelry can also be personalized to go with your style and personality and this allows you to stand out of the crowd without even trying.

2.Quality Craftsmanship

When you decide to buy handcrafted jewelry or accessories you are encouraging artisans who work incredibly hard and put their heart and soul into every beautiful creation that they put together piece by create. This is not just handmade cummerbunds or some wedding jewelry for the artisans but a symbol of their art and the love that they have and feel for it while creating it. Therefore, every design that they produce is not only high in quality but something that conveys their passion and talent and by bringing that jewelry home you are encouraging good quality craftsmanship worldwide.


Handmade cummerbunds or any kind of wedding jewelry is by all means very green, not in color but in the means of creation. Artisans use their bare hands and some handheld tools to come up with these out of the world designs and every groove and bump that you see on these shiny surfaces. All the raw materials are 100% natural or sustainable or ethically procured from sources that are chemical free and organic in nature. There is no fuel powered machine involved in their production and thus, they promote the idea of a greener planet and a cleaner environment.

4.High Selection

Another very big benefit of choosing handmade cummerbunds over other things machine made is that they are available in a variety of designs, patterns and sizes and finishes. There are so many stones, carvings, beads, precious metals, pearls, and almost infinite number of techniques involved in the production of handmade cummerbunds. Saying that you're guaranteed to find a more than surreal and whimsical creation won’t be an exaggeration.


Now with the rise in demand for handmade goods across countries, we are seeing a surge of online handicrafts marketplaces that have plenty of such options to choose from. They provide a huge collection of not just handmade jewelry but also handcrafted prints in clothing, bracelets and pendants, handmade shoes, personalized wedding favors and house warming décor items as well. But handmade wedding cummerbunds are one of a kind. They are beautiful and meaningful and you will be lucky enough to come across a unique piece of such handmade jewelry that you would want to treasure for a lifetime.

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