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5 Steps Guide to Handmade Masks At Home

Masks are not only meant for Halloween but round the year festivities. They symbolize Christmas celebrations, spring carnivals and first proms and masquerade balls as well. And truth be told, nothing brings you in a festive mood more than a colorful and beautifully designed handmade mask.

5 Step Guide to Handmade Masks At Home

Handcrafted face masks are widely available online; however, if you want to try your hand at making them at home all by yourself, then you are in for a real creative journey. They are fun to make and the final product is simply awesome provided you put in some real effort.

1.Plan And Design

Plan And Design

First step is to find a paper and a pencil and design the kind of handmade mask you want to make. You can go for a simple oval shape that is easy to make with only 2 slits for eyes and two holes for the nose to rest. Cut it out in the shape of a face and attach it to a wooden stick and voila! If you are looking for a more intricate design and want to flaunt a complex look, you can go for a traditional masquerade mask that fits well on your face. For this purpose you will have to ask a friend to measure the distance between your eyes and the length of your nose. Remember to measure them with a tape by placing it firmly along the contours of your face to get the exact distance. This will determine the proportion of the mask and then it will fit much snugly on your face.

2.Drawing the Features

Drawing the Features

Now that you have your facial measurements, draw ovals or fancy shapes and circles for your eyes and nostrils respectively on the paper of your choice. Cut out the first base for the mask in the shape you desire. Once you have the first layer, place it on a second sheet of paper and draw and cut out the shape of eyes and nose there too. Now cut out the second layer of paper in the same shape as the sheet below by moving the scissors on it along the edges of the first. Repeat the step for as many sheets you think would make for a sturdier mask.

3.Making it snug

Making it snug

For making that custom made masks at home you’re going to need a balloon roughly of your head size and those cut out masks that we made in the previous step and some adhesive. Place the first layer of paper on the inflated balloon and spread some glue on it. Now place the second sheet on the first one so they stick together making for a curved but sturdier layer. You can pinch out the bump for the nose by placing a roll of foil below the layers. Let it dry and repeat the steps for the other sheets as well. Let the whole thing dry and the end result will be a handmade mask that fits snugly on your face.

4.Start Coloring

Start Coloring

This is the most fun part because here you can get as creative as you want. You can play with water color and give your mask a dreamy look. As water based colors dry off quickly, the final effect is more rustic and quick to achieve. You can merge more than one color by dropping paint via a dropper to give it a bolder look. If you pick oil paints for the coloring part, be prepared for a more intricate and textured look. Although it is fine if you are actually aiming for it because oil based paints can be merged very easily and without leaving any seam lines, the final output is smoother and more professional. Colorful markers on the other hand offer instant gratification. If you have those markers or glitter pens, you can easily achieve the look you want. Draw your favorite designs and patterns until you feel you have put together a mask that has killer looks and colors. But beware that they run out more easily when they come in contact with water or oil. In this case oil paints are a better option because once dried, they become water proof.

5.Embellish All The Way

Embellish All The Way

Time now for some sparkle! This is the step where you are done with the coloring part and you want to give final touches to the handmade mask. You can use dry glitter, sequins, broken or old jewelry pieces, glass stones, laces, glitter papers and what not to make them real head turners for the evening. The number of choices available for accessorizing your handmade masks is definitely countless and you will never get bored of decorating them. Just like we never run out of ideas for you, so stay tuned for more fun handmade updates.

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