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5 Things to Remember Before You Start Selling Handmade Online

Don’t you just love your crafts? Your family does too because they are here to support you no matter what. Your friends love your crafts too because they love you and in the end would appreciate whatever you put your heart and head into. Some of them may even make a sour face and would not be afraid of calling a spade and spade.

5 Things to Remember Before You Start Selling Handmade Online

But if you know for sure that the crochet bag or the handmade necklace that you made at home all by yourself is 100% a head turner and good enough to get loyal consumers online, you may have stumbled upon a gold mine my friend.

Don’t hesitate once you have discovered that you are indeed really good at producing handcrafted stuff because this is the latest trend. You too like so many artisans online can make a successful living doing what you absolutely love doing and tell me honestly, how many people get to do that in their lifetime? That’s right. So here are a few tips that would be enough to get you going on the right path and when you reach there, don’t forget to thank me.

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1.What to Sell

First thing for the first time seller is to decide what he wants to sell? You might be good at pottery and then you might be better in carpentry and then simply awesome in painting. Confused? I am too, but just remember that people who get into the handmade sector are typically more successful if they sell something that they specialize in. If you love creating and selling crochet items instead then don’t hesitate to discover more of it and expand your skill set in the same field of art. Getting to know and understand your niche in the handmade industry is the first rule to follow. You can take your time to assess the already existing sellers in the marketplace and come up with a USP that would make your products stand out easily from the crowd.


They are aplenty and are available everywhere if you are looking that is. You have to source your raw materials from the right places and the best vendors. Don’t just emphasize on cost effective options but quality too because your items are going to establish your reputation. The places that you choose to source your raw materials from will matter a lot as they will directly affect the creation process, time taken to complete the delivery, durability, customization and of course your prices.

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Fret all you want but you will have to invest a considerable amount of time in photography. There is just no way out of this and you will find out soon. Every consumer that comes online to buy handmade stuff is greeted first by images and then by text. The impact of imagery is so much that he or she is lured into reading more about the product at hand. Your products should be no different. The images and videos explaining the dimensions and uses of your products should be so engaging that the user can’t find a reason to jump to any other seller’s page. Your images should be high resolution and very much all inclusive. After going through your product portfolio, none of your customers should have a single doubt as to what you are offering in terms of value for their money.


Looks can be deceiving no doubt but in this case looks are going to be appealing and nothing less. You will have to go the extra mile to make sure that your product is delivered unharmed and unspoiled in all circumstances. You have to take pains to ensure that all your handmade items look as if they have just been taken down from the mannequin or the shelf that is beyond anybody’s reach. Such should be their condition that not a single hint can be found of them being in transit from your shop to the consumer’s place. Invest in intelligent packaging, personalized carry bags, tags, wrappers and boxes for the purpose and you will see your business skyrocket to newer heights in no time. A little gloss goes a long way!

5.Perfect Price

Crucial and so, so important!
Your pricing strategy is going to be the decisive factor in all this and NO you can’t go more expensive than your competitors. Opt for rock bottom pricing at least in the start. The penetration pricing model was not developed by wannabes trust me. Start with an attractive price that lures as many customers as possible and impress them with your quality. Even if you don’t break even in the start it is fine. Once you know that they aren’t going anywhere, time to hike up your prices. Be steady and be calm and becoming successful online in the handmade goods industry will be easy.

Infographic on 5 Things to Remember Before You Start Selling Handmade Online

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