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5 Wedding Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

Just because it’s your big day doesn’t mean you should forget about your wedding party. The groomsmen who are about to pick you up on that big chair and bring you to the dance floor indeed deserve something in return.

5 Wedding Gift Ideas for Groomsmen


There is going to be no time after the bouquet is thrown. Time is now to shop for the most perfect wedding gifts for your groomsmen:


1.Handpicked Beard Grooming Pack

Handpicked Beard Grooming Pack
Some call it hippie madness and some call it fashion but whatever it is, it is not going to end anytime soon. Yes, the beard and the mustache that you see on almost every guy is the latest trend. Therefore this is the perfect gift for the ones in your party that sport facial hair. You can prevent them from looking like an untamed grizzly bear. Handmade hair and beard grooming kits are available online these days and are made up of the most natural ingredients. These are created with hand and keeping in mind the most sensitive of hair and skin types. This top of the line product keeps your groomsmen worry free and super confident because not a strand is astray. What you get in the package is a handmade, all natural whisker wash solution, moustache wax and serum and some even come with beard combs and oils or conditioners. All of these are enough to keep your groomsmen looking well groomed and give them the much needed relief from the unruly mane that they usually sport.

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2.Personalized Bottle Openers

Personalized Bottle Openers
These bottle openers are 100% handcrafted with the finest wood that gives a regal look to the whole assembly. Handmade personalized bottle openers are an example of superior craftsmanship and the most stylish way to express your love and gratitude to your groomsmen. This becomes even more special when the strong and rustic handle of the device sports the name of the recipient engraved into its body. This is not just the coolest way to remind them of your special day but in the end the utility that it offers makes them synonymous with numerous other festivities and occasions as well. So gift your groomsmen with a collectible that will fill up their hearts with warmth and memories to cherish for life.

3.Sucker for Socks?

Sucker for Socks
Handmade socks for men are the best and the most subtle way to throw a sudden and catchy splash of color in your guys’ look. Your groomsmen will be most probably dressed in identical attires, duh! The only way to differentiate one from another could be these colorful handmade socks. They will be visible every time they sit or dance or lift you on that chair that we talked about. Nothing adds a little spark to their formal wear like some flashy or colored socks and if you couple them with handmade ties and cufflinks, even better! You can make sure that nobody and I mean nobody looks out of style at your wedding by gifting them with the most genuine and original products that are personalized and handpicked to suit the occasion.

4.Handcrafted Personalized Flask

Handcrafted Personalized Flask
This is one awe inspiring gift idea to please your groomsmen party with. The guys will be stunned with your clever approach and sense of style with these handmade personalized flasks. Artisans make sure that every product is incredibly unique and if you want, it can sport your personal message or their favorite phrase engraved into their bodies. This takes personalization to a new level as these flasks can also be made to depict the photos of the groomsmen. You can even pick out your favorite finishes and metals like stainless steel, nickel coating and wooden textures or what not and everything will be as per your requirements.

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5.Handmade Personalized Beer Mugs

Handmade Personalized Beer Mugs
If you are a groom that really wants to give his buddies the ultimate gift at your wedding day, then you need to look no further than these personalized beer mugs and wine glasses. Your bro code gets a new dimension with this particular wedding gift. The crystal clear surfaces of handmade personalized beer mugs or wine glasses are the perfect canvas for your message to your buddies. They can also sport a clear caricature or picture of the recipient making the gift even more fun and special. All art work is done by the deft hands of the artisans and they make sure that not even a hair or dimple misses the spot.

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