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6 Essentials To Make A Handmade Bracelet At Home

If you love to wear bracelets and flaunt your style around, then this tutorial is for you. If you are fond of making things at home and impress your loved ones with your creativity, then this tutorial is definitely for you. Yes, you too can come up with your very own handmade bracelets at home and charm everyone with your sense of style and fashion.

6 Essentials To Make A Handmade Bracelet At Home

But before you start making your own jewelry at home, you need to get your hands on some useful things. These are the 6 basic essentials that you would require to come up with a unique style of handmade jewelry of your own.

1.Get An Idea First

Get An Idea First handmade bracelets for women

Food for thought, an idea can go a long way and before you begin making your handmade bracelets at home, think about what exactly you want to make. Being prepared makes us better crafters and also ensures that we don’t waste time and supplies on an unachievable result. You can look at your previously owned collection and/or bracelets or bangles purchased by you or gifted by others. This way you can recreate or get inspired from certain aspects of pieces that you already have. You can also find out easily what type of bracelet you need or the style that is not with you at the moment. Come up with the kind of look you are searching for and complete your wardrobe by taking ideas from magazines and brochures and print ads, etc.

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2.Better Be Beads

 Better Be Beads handmade bracelets for women

The color, size and texture of the beads you choose largely depend on your style and preference. You can either look for a metal piece or pearl, or imitation pearl beads or glass stones or imitation jewels. Make sure that they are roughly pea-sized and simple in dimensions and shape. To be on safe side, try not to use more than three colors in a single bracelet. But if you do want some variation in your wardrobe and style, you can use beads and stones of different sizes and shapes. Pick out random patterns and textures to play with your looks.

3.Thread & Buttons

Thread & Buttons handmade bracelets for women

Some bracelet styles may require you to sew things in that cannot be otherwise simply beaded into the jewelry. Thread and buttons together go a long way especially in leather bracelets that are gaining popularity by every passing minute. You can find different styles of threads, strings and buttons in various colors and sizes that match your styling needs and perhaps the occasion that you need to get ready for.

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4.Strings Attached


The next big and essential thing that you need to get your hands on is the string. These can be elastic strings or the simple fabric ones or even a metal wire depending upon the style of bracelets that you want to make. Choosing the strings that will go around your wrist necessitates measuring it. Thus, you need to ensure that you leave about a centimeter of space between your wrist and the string. Also remember that the gap between the bracelet and the wrist will also house the beads and the clasp at the ends would add an additional bit of length to the overall adornment.

5.Leather It Up

Leather It Up handmade bracelets for women

If you want to steer away from the traditional looking handmade bracelet, you can use a leather braid. An easy way t o rev up your style quotient is to opt for a simple leather braid. You can purchase a leather string or band of a color you prefer. You may even stud them with buttons or beads of your choice and get a variety of combinations of colors and textures. Leather strings are easier to braid and hold good because of their texture. If you are environmentally friendly or a vegetarian on all counts, you can opt for leatherite or faux leather instead.

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6.Catch The Clasp

Catch The Clasp handmade bracelets for women

You can either make a clasp by making a knot on one end of the extra string or simply buy one. In case you choose to create one by a simple knot, ensure that the knot is tight enough and does not come off easily. This is useful if you are making an elastic bracelet at home. If you have decided to buy a clasp for your handmade bracelet, there is no dearth of options here. No matter what kind or style of bracelet you have made, just go to a craft store and you will find choices that will make your day. You have hooks and loops, lobster clasps and even safety locks at the end that secure your bracelets and prevent them falling or opening. Making jewelry at home has never been simpler!


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