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6 Steps Guide to Handmade Initial Necklaces At Home [DIY]

You are not the only one in love with handmade personalized objects that are available online. Take any cool metal frame or shiny piece and add a phrase to it. This becomes your very own personalized initial necklaces or bangles or earrings or bracelets and what not!
If you love the lyrics of “summer of 69,” so be it. You can carve them on your pendants or charm bracelets. If you are a fan of love phrases or inspiring quotes, knock yourself out by cutting a larger piece of metal. Don’t shy away from making mistakes; you are after all creating stuff at a very low cost. Yes, this year I came across some really pretty gifts for Valentine's Day. These were handmade necklaces and rings that I found online and were completely personalized for the wearer. They stole my heart.

handmade initial necklace- DIY
Now you must think that stamping metal pieces of jewelry at home is a thing that is only a professional’s cup of tea. Many would back out just by reading this right at this moment. I dare you to stay tuned and be a little more welcoming to the idea of creating something that requires more of both your wits and strength. So what all are your going to need for carrying out this never before tried experiment at home?
A hammer would go a long way, also grab a jeweler’s bench block, letter and number stamps that can be punched into the metal plates, painter’s or masking tape, a dark colored marker (preferably a thin tipped one), a bottle of rubbing alcohol and yes, all this is available at your local hardware store. Now before you begin with the process on the actual thing or the expensive metal blanks of your choice, be sure to practice it on some cheaper metal blanks because you are bound to make mistakes the first time. Once the alphabet or the numeric is hammered into the metal, there is no turning back and if you don’t get the hang of it soon, you will end up ruining your handmade initial necklace before you even make it.
Follow this 6 step guide just like it is suggested here and you will come out an artist sooner than you think:


masking tape on initial handmade necklace-DIY
Use the masking tape you got to fix your stamping blank on the metal bench block. Make sure it doesn’t move or slide so that your impression looks a lot cleaner. Place a piece of tape both on top and the bottom if you think that’s going to get you a cleaner impression on your initial necklace. Trust me, anything that holds the blank in place.

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hammer impression on initial handmade necklace-DIY
Now is the time to make an impression, literally. All your names and phrases or hashtags and
need to be placed in the right order before you could hammer them into the metal blank. The trick here is to be confident and not over confident. If you still have trouble sticking to the spellings, pick out the middle letter first and just hit it hard on the head keeping it right in the center of the blank. Just hold your stamp in the right place and give it a light tap with your hammer to get a feel. Follow this by a second firm hit. Follow the same process with every alphabet and number and you will have your phrase in front of you.

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mark name or signs on initial handmade necklace at home-DIY
Pick up your marker now and you can take any dark shade really and use it to color over the phrase where you just stamped. Now let the alcohol come in and do its job as it always does when we need it. Use a piece of soft cloth to absorb some of it and wipe it over the letters. This cleans the color from the surface but your letters retain it and become more visible.


Glitter it up if you think that a mere message or phrase just doesn’t pull that much attention. Dot some superglue around the phrase or you can simply create a design in and around the initial or outline your phrase with it (considering you have enough space on the metal blank). Drop some dry glitter on it or place colorful sequins on them for that edgy look and you are done.

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Hang it the way you want in whatever metal chain you have got. You can combine it with an old charm necklace or even buy a new wire or pendant chain to hang it in.


If you are choosing a new chain, and want it to look unique, then you can experiment with clasps and hooks as well. They hold the necklace together and look barbarically cool. Now that you have your very own handmade initial necklace that is completely your creation, what are you waiting for, go play!

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