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7 Things to Know About Handmade Personalized Gifts

If you are running out of gift ideas for your loved ones, you should definitely consider handmade. Handicrafts are total winners when you want to present someone with a personalized or special gift. Getting skeptical are we?


This is because most of us don’t know much about how they are made or how they are perceived by the world. Understanding of the handmade sector and artisan goods is very much important and possible by understanding their pros and cons.


1. Environmentally Green

Any creative work done by hand takes much less energy than a product that is mass produced. An assembly line of a manufacturing unit burns a lot of fuel, consumes electricity, manpower and financial resources to name a few. Handmade goods on the other hand are much more environmentally sustainable. Thus, when you gift someone with a handcrafted personalized gift, you are passing on a strong message that encourages them to support our ecological system.

2.Gaining Popularity

Handmade items and gifts are becoming more and more popular with the passage of time. The Internet is jam packed with practically countless options for handmade marketplaces. They offer a more than satisfying experience to everyone who embraces handcrafted goods. You can easily access the unmatched skills of various artisans from across the world by just browsing through a site of your choice.

3.Handcrafted Products Are Very Much Unique

One of the biggest and most prevalent reasons to buy handmade gifts for your friends and family members is the fact they are absolutely unique. Although this aspect of handmade goods is least quantifiable it is still reason enough for so many people to purchase handcrafted goods in the first place.

Some just simply prefer the absence of a logo or a stamp or they just like owning something that didn’t come from a big factory unity or an overseas multinational company. By nature handmade goods are always fewer in quantity and so whatever you wear or eat or add to your home and life are as unique as you are.

4.A More Personal Touch

Handmade personalized gifts, as the name itself suggests, are very personal in nature and never fail to impress the recipient, ever! They are especially designed and created keeping in mind the need of the wearer or user and thus are many times preferred over mass produced goods.

They can be made even more personal by adding or etching the name or the initials of the recipient and can be made to signify your love for your near and dear ones.

In this deluge of advantages, some may even find a few negatives about handmade goods and if we view from their perspective, they are not all wrong. Let’s have a look at some of the cons of handmade gifts and presents:


5. Requires Time

This is a dual faceted aspect, which means that the artisan would take his or her time to come up with a personalized gift that would fit your criteria. This is valid when you get made something to order and this obviously takes time. On the other hand, when you are on a time crunch yourself, finding something that is personalized and special and handmade becomes even more difficult for you.

Then it doesn’t really matter whether or not the artisans present online already have the product that you desire. The bottom line is that you require some amount of time to be invested in order to find the perfect handmade gift for him or her.

6. Lack Of Brand

There is no logo or brand name associated with artisan made goods in any case. Handmade gifts or personalized presents often come without any such emblem or a tag line as our favorite branded products.

Some may argue that they can’t shell out any money for a product that does not come with an attached reputation or goodwill and their argument cannot exactly be rejected.

This claim might have some credibility especially in cases where the artisan is a budding one and has a lot to prove in terms of quality and brand.

7. Costly

This is true in many cases of handmade or personalized gifts. Numerous of the handcrafted products available online are a little expensive and many times more so than their factory made counterparts. This is however very much justified as there is no use of any chemicals, fuel powered machinery, premade molds and synthetic colorants and compounds which pollute the environment and cause depletion of resources. So yes, you might have to pay a little extra to own a safe and beautiful symbol of a unique culture.

In the end, we can say that going the handmade way is a personal choice. What you choose to consume and use makes the earth what it is today. Choose wisely.

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