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7 Things To Know Before You Start Your Handmade Handbag Business

We are proud to say that we love handbags. Our love for them is enough to motivate us to write this article. We often find people or rather women (mostly) obsessing over them. Is it justified? We say it is and if you are thinking of opening a business from home that involves making handbags by hand, then even more!

We all love our handbags or shoulder bags to bits but things tend to take a serious turn when you are thinking about setting up a business. No need to panic though because you can indeed still keep things interesting. If you have a flair for designing or crafting anything from a cloth and thread or even a little experience of sewing stylish totes and purses for your daughter’s fancy dress, you are the person for the job. Considering that, if you are even a little keen on trying your hands on something more complicated yet fruitful, you could in fact set up a successful handmade handbags business of your own in no time.

1.Uniqueness of Design

Handmade_Handbag business at home

You can start with creating a design of your own. It should be uniquely yours, inspired works but copied does not. Yes, you can use someone else's pattern or designs or reference for your own handbags only after you have entered into an agreement with them beforehand. Don’t be afraid to play with different materials, textures, fabrics and synthetics like faux leather if you find the original thing is raising your costs beyond your budget. Use embellishments and stones and all you have got to design a handbag that you like. Go all the way to invent a specific style of your own that tells the onlooker about your creativity.

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2.Quantity Is The Trick

handmade handbag business

It is only wise to create a small initial stock of your handbags shoulder bags or diaper bags and totes. Yes, that is very much sensible as your customer feedback might hint upon something that is not wanted or not very personable in your final product. So, unless you want to rip apart all your pieces and make the changes in your designs, be weary of the number of bags you produce in the beginning. Start with a few, test the waters and then move on to expanding.

3.Right Fit

Right Fit handmade handbag business at home

Your handcrafted bags don't need to fit anyone and anymore than you need to fit in your grandma’s circle of friends. Your customers can gain or lose weight or get pregnant or go all the way for the much dreaded size zero of their favorite runway model. Your handmade bags should look good on most women no matter what and to ensure that make them of the right size as to allow for easy carriage and storage. Too large, and they will look more of a travel bag and too small, they wouldn’t fit in their Chihuahua.

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4.Paper Work

Paper Work for handmade handbag business


Now that you have come up with a respectable but not over the top collection of your own handmade handbags, it is time to obtain the necessary paperwork. Yes, in order to run a business in your state, you need to file some legal paperwork, sales tax licenses and also a federal tax ID or a business license for selling handicrafts. Fill and file out all this in due time and you are set for the next step.

5.Price To Impress

price to impress in handmade handbag business

Now, we know that you’ve given your best to your collection of handbags but the pricing is still a very crucial and tricky step. For now, just make sure that you cover all your costs, including all direct and indirect ones and also make room for compensation for your labor. Your profits for now can wait. Yes, there is a lot of competition in the market right now and for you to be able to make a mark your pricing strategy needs to be well thought out.

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6.Promote Your Business

Promote Your handmade handbag Business

Now is the time to prepare your marketing material. Decide whether you want to sell exclusively online or start by making them available to your neighbors through a local fare or at the annual flower festival. Distribute fliers or visiting cards if you like but always include compelling and accurate descriptions of your handmade handbags. This is also an opportunity to tell your story to the world.

7.Get Paid

Get Paid in handmade handbag business

You also need to establish a payment method. For now the easiest way would seem cash on delivery. Gradually as your business picks up, you can incorporate PayPal or debit and credit cards and online transfers, etc. Congratulations, you now own a successful handmade handbags business of your own.

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