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7 Types of Cufflinks That You Should Know About

We all need to take our style seriously now that we live in a fashionably fearsome world. Men’s fashion in particular can be very tricky because you just can’t go over the top with your choice of accessories and risk coming across as attention deficient. All men should take pains to find out how they can make a lasting impression on the other person or in some cases the ones person that matters the most.

7 Types of Cufflinks That You Should Know About

Truth is that your personality and look go beyond just your dressing style. A person’s appearance cannot be judged or graded just based upon his clothes. Think different, think cufflinks as they indeed can indeed help you become even more charismatic. Cufflinks are not just a piece of accessory that you wear on your sleeves for special occasions, rather a great way to enhance your style. Modern cufflinks of today fall under the classic jewelry category for men and quite frankly have never been outdated. You can find some really amazing and stylish options for cufflinks in the market today such as:

1.Torpedo Cufflinks

Torpedo Cufflinks
The torpedo cufflinks are probably the most common type of cufflinks and are very popular due to their appropriateness for various occasions. The other name for them is push through cufflinks and you can easily find many men sporting them. You will notice that one side of the cufflinks is usually more decorative than the other and these are generally worn on formal meetings or any social event that calls for a classier styling.

2.Chain Link Cufflinks

Chain Link Cufflinks
This is very clear by the name itself and we don’t even have to guess that the two ends of the cufflink are attached together via a chain. These are very much traditional and are best suited for social gatherings and party balls. The design and the overall decorative detailing that you get with chain link cufflinks are what command immediate attention from every onlooker. You may require more care and agility to insert the cufflink through the holes of the cuff but the effort is all worth it and the final look is simply stunning.

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3.Silk Knot Cufflinks

Silk Knot Cufflinks
Even their name spells luxury for the wearer. These are the silk knot cufflinks which are somewhat similar to the chain link cufflinks but the material is obviously different. Made flexible and lustrous to the touch and handcrafted from pure silk these are also known as elastic cufflinks. Silk knot cufflinks too have decorative heads on both the ends and are available in different colors. Dawn them on a casual brunch or to a charity ball for the elderly and add grace and uniqueness to your style.

4.Button/Stud Cufflinks

Button_Stud Cufflinks
This type of cufflink does not have any moving parts or clips or chains. Button or stud cufflinks are very easy to adjust in the slit of your shirt cuff. It is much smaller and lighter in weight than all other types of cufflinks. It is very durable and holds your cuff without causing any discomfort.

5.Bar cufflinks

Bar cufflinks
The bar style cufflinks are the simplest type of cufflinks with two decorative and intricately designed balls on the both the ends. They are simple yet great to hold your cuff together and you can choose a color according to your attire and occasion.

6.Ball Returns Cufflinks

Ball Returns Cufflinks
This type of cufflinks has one end in the shape of a ball which is attached to the other end of it with a rod. The other end is more decorative and beautiful and serves as an elegant addition to your entire suit. You can go for any precious or semi precious metal of your choice such as gold, silver, platinum, nickel copper and bronze. These days sterling silver is a hot favorite among many men.

7.Spool Cufflinks

Spool Cufflinks
Some of the most stylish and coolest things are actually simplest in appearance. Spool cufflinks are really easy to sport as they are identical from both the ends with a rod in the middle that keeps the whole thing in place. It is perfectly symmetrical and may flaunt some decorative elements such as precious stones, carvings and engraved messages. These are a category of cufflinks that can be found in almost every man’s wardrobe because they match with almost every getup.

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