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8 Tips to Choose A Wedding Gift For Your Friend

So, your BFF is getting married after all. You are happy but not about the fact that she is so, so picky about everything. Can you actually gift her something that she is going to like? Are you sure you will find a gift that she won’t return or exchange the second she lays her eyes on?
Well, wedding gifts really are difficult at times and when it comes to choosing something for your best friend, things can go down the drain pretty fast and hard. You have to come up with a wedding gift that speaks your love for them and also points out the amount of thought you have put in it. So, the question remains what should you gift to your best friend on their wedding day?

8 Tips to Choose A Wedding Gift For Your Friend
Shopping for the perfect wedding gift for your friend requires you to be extra thoughtful and very, very careful. You do not only want to find something for the happy couple that resonates with them but also something that signifies the special bond that you both share. There are few things that you should consider before picking the one perfect wedding gift for your friend. Read on to find out more:

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1.Are They Living In?

Are They Living In - wedding gifts for friends
Chances are that they are living with each other for a few months now and if that is the case, then you can pick out from some of the most traditional gift sets especially designed for couples. These could be spa kits, handmade towel sets, and personalized crystal-ware and one of those luxurious and soft comforters made for couples. The options are mind bogglingly plenty.

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2.Be Creative

Be Creative with wedding gifts for friends
If you really are looking to raise the bar higher this year with your gifting ideas, go for something handmade. Put together something of your own, make something by hand that signifies your love and affection for your friends. That’s right, handmade wedding gifts are in this season and they make for the perfect gift when you want to tell your friends just how special they are for you.

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3.Get Personal

Get Personal- wedding gift ideas for friend
Being creative also gives you more ways than one to make your gifts far more personal than they would ever be otherwise. You can gift them with spontaneous gifts like a collection of candid shots of their wedding planning process but for this you might want to stick around for a while. Say what, you don’t have that much time? Worry not because personalized initial jewelry for the couple can work a similar magic as well.
So you couldn’t get your hands on their favorite music or a collection of their favorite Thai recipes, big deal! You can invest in personalized photo frames instead that are engraved with their initials or names or get those handmade monogrammed towels or handcrafted artworks that flaunt the couple's name.

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4.Don’t Overspend

Dont Overspend on wedding gifts for friends
This is very much doable. Deciding what your limit is right at the start can be helpful and it prevents you from binge shopping. Thinking about artisan made wedding gifts are we? Then it is very much possible to find something that offers beauty, quality, and utility. Some handmade wedding gift ideas that can make weddings easier for you:

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5.Handmade Glasses Or Crystal-Ware

One unique gift that actually does make the happy couple even happier is personalized stuff that is meant for them and only them. The married couple’s names engraved or embossed onto matching or complimenting toasting glasses, mugs, and coffee jars, etc. are the perfect gift this wedding season.

6.Handcrafted Picture Frames

Handcrafted Picture Frames wedding gifts for young couple
These are just out of this world and without a doubt one of the most ideal gifting options for the newly married. You can get their names engraved or printed on them for a gift that they are going to cherish for years to come.

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7.Homemade Goodies Gift Basket

This is one wedding gift that will make your friends feel absolutely lavish and rejuvenated any time they use it. You can put in their favorite scented homemade bath products such as organic or herbal soaps, bath salts, shampoos and conditioners, soft towel sets or other bathroom accessories like scented candles or incense sticks.

8.Initial Necklaces

Initial Necklaces wedding gift for young couple
This is certainly a gift that spells your love and undying friendship all at once to the onlooker. You can give them a pair of neck pieces or bracelets with their initials stamped on them making for a beautiful and highly personalized gift. This way you can gift your friend something really sweet and thoughtful and also pay a tribute to your unconditional friendship.

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