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Care for Handmade?

Make Your Jewelry Last Longer


For everyone who wants a distinct look that speaks of their individuality, handmade jewelry is among the first things that come to mind. We love to wear them for their unique designs and the way they rest and feel on us like no other piece of adornment does. But these beautiful pieces of jewelry too are exposed to air, water, chemicals and the little nuances of everyday life. Handmade jewelry can be sturdy and in many cases can also be delicate. This is the reason that you are required to constantly care for them. So here are some tricks that can educate you on keeping your handcrafted jewelry clean and beautiful.


clean handmade jewelry

Cleaning them regularly is the very first step to maintaining their stunning look and luster. Your handmade jewelry needs to be cleaned as often as it is worn. For example, the bracelets or rings that you wear are very likely to come in contact with the oils of your skin and the things that you touch. This makes it necessary for you to always keep a cleaner handy that is most suitable for the kind of metal that you wear. For example, cleaners for gold will differ from those for handmade silver jewelry.

Also be careful about how you clean them. The beads or gemstones in them would need to be cleaned in a different way as their shiny polish wears off easily. Metal cleansers of all kinds are easily available in the market in liquid or paste form.


protect handmade jewelry

You have to prevent any and all damage that can come to your handmade necklaces or other jewelry. It just becomes much easier to clean them if they have no twisted or broken parts or edges in the first place. It would be better if you didn’t wear those pieces to the swimming pool or while sunbathing. Such elements like saltwater, sunlight or chemicals would be the reason why your handmade jewelry gets permanently damaged or corroded.


handmade jewelry store

Keeping them in a safe spot where your kids or pets can’t find them is a genius idea. You want to keep them in one piece and therefore keeping them safe from loss and tarnish is your duty. It is advisable to store handmade jewelry in air tight bags and pouches that prevent them from aging or oxidizing.

  • Never store two metals together
  • Never keep them in open air or close to moisture
  • Never store jewelry with lots of ornamentation together with sleek and simple pieces
  • Never put down necklaces that can tangle easily. Remember to hang them
  • Use drawers with special posts or holders or clasps to hold pieces in place
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