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Continue The Gesture - 4 More Handmade Gifts For Everyone

Such Personalized Handmade Gifts Can Really Make Someone’s Day

personalized gift ideasThe effort is just so valuable and the time spent in making handmade gifts is worth every smile you get your way. So, let’s continue with our journey to handcrafted goodies and presents that delight our friends and loved ones.

Pull-Out Photo Album

pull out photo albumNow that’s a great way to bring a smile on anyone’s face. This is my personal favorite out of the lot as it comes with a guarantee of making them happy every time they pull it open. A pull-out photo album is a great alternative to your regular, boring and traditional photo album. You can go about it either way; that is to say you can either opt for new instant photos or get redo the old ones in a similar size and style. Getting new pictures for this album can be a whole lot of fun. Although, reprinting the old photos in this style will add an element of surprise to the whole gift.

photo albumEither way, once you’re done with them, the next step is to choose something that would make for a perfect knot. Yes, you can use colored tassels, ribbons, decorative metal hooks, hinges and clasps. Stud them with fake stones or sequins and gold wires. You can find them all at a local craft store. You can also put some on the corners and edges of the photographs for a more star studded look. Now to store them, you can use a vintage style good wooden box. They are widely available at any online store these days and trust me it will be the ideal keeper of this unique memoire.

Glitter Cup

glitter cup No, you’re not going to the nearest Starbucks for it. You can do it at home and very easily. All you have to do is get a double layer tumbler of your choice and some glitter, sequin, water and glycerin. You can start be opening the bottom of the tumbler, simple isn’t it? Add as much sparkle as you want, I personally like to believe that you just can’t have enough glitter in your life or in your cup. Now pour in a mixture of some glycerin and water or just plain water. But the glycerin just makes them float more fluidly. Screw on the bottom tightly and you’re done. You can play with photos as well. You can add some picture cutoffs of the gift receiver or their favorite cartoon character perhaps.

DIY Phrases

easy diy at homeYou can get their initials or first names or phrases printed on their t-shirts, pillow cases, aprons, & bags. All you need is a color ink-jet printer or a neighbor or a friend that has it, iron on transfer paper and a little bit of your creativity. You can get the initials or names printed in your favorite fonts, colors, sizes and styles. Then all you have to do is paste them on the material or article you want to revamp. Make sure that the placement of the iron on the transfer paper is correct. This is important as once your shirt or sheet or dress is ironed, there is no looking back.


Homemade Soap

homemade soapNow we have all found a new craze for the all organic and handmade in almost everything that we buy. When it comes to taking care of our body and health, we become very conscious. Making a soap at home is easier that it seems and that makes it all the more fun. Take a look at some simple homemade soap recipes. This is one of those many things that you are going to thank Artisna for. Don't forget to try these out, and we’ll make sure to come up with more artistic and innovative ideas, so do visit us again.

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