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Decode the Cool with Cufflinks

Stay Stylish With Cufflinks

Cufflinks were created in the 16th century and rose to prominence a little more than 200 years later. We see now that they have become an absolute must have for formal outfits. They are not just an accessory that adds the perfect angle of elegance to a man’s outfit but are a sign of a polished and suave look. You have a single look at them and get all sorts of ideas as to what they would look good with and on which occasion. It can be daunting to pick just one and that is why we at Artisna aim to educate you in this regard.

handmade cufflinks for men shirts

So you’re out to find the right pair for yourself, you want to complete all your formal outfits with the most apt cufflinks and show off to the ladies what great taste and expertise you have in dressing for the occasion. Well, like every game, this too has a few simple rules. Follow them through if you wish to avoid a rookie mistake.

Types of Cufflinks

Yes, there are types. And you have to select the right type of cufflinks for your affair. Each has a different look and a special appeal. When paired with the right outfit, they can give you the perfect look. But for that you need to learn a bit about each type and only then should you step out to shop.

The Torpedo

the torpedo cufflinks

These are probably the most common type of cufflinks. They have decorative faces that can be circular or oval or rectangular in shape and are attached with a clip or swivel-bar and a post that keep them in place. They can be easily placed into a shirt and fastened by securing the clip. Torpedo style cufflinks are the perfect option for you if you’re not prepared for a big investment. Don’t you worry about how to wear them because torpedoes are the simplest to sport for almost all your formal events.

The Chain Link

the chain cufflinks

These are also called double-panel cufflinks. Clearly the most symbolic of traditional ways, one can wear them for any and all formal events. Instead of the swivel-bar or clip what you get here is a second decorative face and you would usually keep them reserved for black tie affairs. Especially the silver ones are so aesthetically pleasing that their design and elaborateness is well justified. Connected by a small chain, these look very unique and stunning and are ideal for black suit and tie combinations.

The Bar

the bar cufflinks

Bar cufflinks sport a rather simple design that is classic and aesthetic without being overly decorated. Two metal balls connected by a bar which is often free of any complicated designs. These can be easily worn and removed. While you can find some pieces that include decorative elements such as stripes and squares, they are often without any moving parts. Bar style cufflinks are perfect for you if you want elegance without being over the top.

The Silk Knot

the slik knot cufflinks

These are unlike any other. The perfect choice for day and casual wear, Silk Knot cufflinks offer utility more than beauty to your attire as they are constructed of elastic instead of soft shiny metals such as white gold or silver. They are simply designed to hold your cuff in place rather than add an element of decorativeness. You can pair them with your everyday wardrobe and make your life easier.

How to Choose the Right Color?

how to choose cufflinks

So you finally did step out to shop but got confused when looked at the limitless options of colors and tints. Well, the most important thing here is that when you begin matching, you match every single thing in the right fashion. For example, if you choose to wear a pair of gold cufflinks, the right shirt colors would be black, blue, green and yellow. If you choose red or burgundy, you can match them with shirts in brown or beige. Make sure that each of your metal accessories right from belt buckle, watch, rings, shirt studs and even your tuxedo pen belong to the same color palette as your cufflinks.

How to Wear Cufflinks?

how to wear cufflinks

After you’ve made the crucial decision of matching your cufflinks to your outfit, you need to wear them correctly. And now is the moment when you understand that you are to wear them only with a suit. Cufflinks aren’t a casual accessory and even the Silk Knot ones would need you to sport a level of sophistication in your overall appearance. You need to fold the cuffs of your French shirt evenly and carefully to line up the holes before you secure the cufflinks. Check yourself in the mirror to make sure that your cufflinks face outward when you keep your arms on your sides. Pair some colorful pieces with a smooth dark denim of your choice and a blazer to go with it for a cool casual look.

Diamonds and Pearls

diamonds and pearls cufflinks

They are not only for girls. They are ideal for a black tie night but for an event that calls for a less stringent dress code, you can opt for a simple metal pair in various hues of enamel or studded with semi-precious stones. For a less demanding day event, you’re better off avoiding intricate designs and sticking to classic and bold geometric shapes to look your best. So these were some pearls of wisdom on dressing up for the night. Do visit Artisna again for more insightful trivia on art and fashion.

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