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Embracing the Handmade Goods Industry with Artisna

Understanding Artisanry

understand the artisan

Handmade goods have gained much attention in the past decade and they continue to gain more of it by the passage of time. Experts say that the global handicrafts market is primarily trade driven and this is due to low priced products. The key vendors of handmade goods in the international market are from Asia-based cottage industries. This comprises mainly Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Sri Lankan, Cambodian, Australian and Singaporean artisans among others.

At Artisna, we aim to provide artisans around the world with not just a platform to promote and sell their handicrafts but also a comprehensive understanding of this expanding market. This is not just an online handmade marketplace for buyers and sellers but a worldwide union of artisans. Our sister concern Artisna.org is dedicated completely to uplifting the worldwide artisan community and aims to make a huge difference.

Artisna with its market analysts educate craftsmen about the various opportunities, challenges, trends and preferences that impact the demand for their handcrafted goods and directly affect their incomes.

You Can Help the Handmade Goods Industry


By being a part of this endeavor, you can play an important role in enabling this skilled workforce. Through this they can identify and understand the key drivers of growth in this sector. Artisna works together with organizations and institutions that prepare artisans for the challenges of the handicraft industry.

Our Experts:

  • Assess the future impact of and restraints on the market;
  • Uncover potential demand;
  • Identify competitive forces within the market, for instance, low priced machine-produced goods;
  • Provide information on market size and future potential, etc.



All this is an effort by Artisna to organize this scattered and haphazard industry. By making this our sole focus we intend to develop this sector into a strong source of employment. A large part of the population of many countries can benefit from this industry as the initial investment is close or equal to nil and the skills acquired remain intact for life. This makes it possible for the poor to rise above from a life of impoverishment.

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