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3 Amazing Handmade Dreamcatcher Ideas|Try it Now

Try Your Hand on Handmade Dreamcatchers!

dremcatcher ideas

I am, very much to be honest and not by just the word but by the actual thing too. These beautiful webs are so exotic looking and pretty that you don’t want to take your eyes off them. I recently spotted a handmade dreamcatcher hanging on my mother’s porch. She had not picked it out at a local flea market but made it herself. It looked just so mysterious and magical that I decided to write a simple DIY on it.

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Dreamcatchers are natively handmade and belong to the Ojibwe civilization. They were originally woven out of willow hoops and sinew. They catch the bad dreams and let only the good ones pass to make our nights more pleasant, hence the name. This gave me all the more reason to invest some time and energy in making handmade dreamcatchers. Now, the hoop represents the sun and the hole in the middle of the woven web allows only for the good dreams to pass through. The trapped bad dreams are scattered with the first beam of sun; interesting isn’t it? So what all do you need to make a dreamcatcher at home?

The Hoop From The Sun

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The hoop is very important and is the basis for your handmade dreamcatcher. You can use any pliable material for making the hoop. It is usually the size of an adult’s hand but then you can experiment all you want. The shape and structure of the hoop can vary depending upon the material you choose. You can go for an oval, circle, teardrop or a rounded square. To make a hoop I personally would prefer something more durable like a thin and flexible metal wire. You can also go for a readymade hoop available at a local hardware store or anything that resembles a hoop, a broken piece of some furniture or spring may be; whatever tickles your fancy.

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The best part of home based DIY is that you can play with everything that you create. If you decide to choose wood or a dried willow or grapevine; I’ll say even better. That way you can be as close to the traditional handmade dreamcatcher as possible and it would give it a more rustic appeal too. Coverings for your hoop; now this is the fun part here. The lacing or covering that you choose for your handcrafted dreamcatcher will give it a together look and in case you were not able to make a proper circle from the material, it will cover the flaws well and make it look beautiful. Use any clothing, ribbons, thick and colored strings, even wool and sequin if you want to wrap the hoop. You can be as creative as you want to be with them. You can choose buckskin or another leather or embroidery lace and threads, etc.

Tip: In case you choose wood or twigs, always remember to soak them in warm water for about half an hour to make it supple.

The Web Of Dreams

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Once you achieve the desired thickness of the hoop, you can start with the web of dreams. There is a traditional style of weaving it but you can skip it and come up with your own and go about it as you please. The most basic technique is to begin by tying one end of the string or fabric to the hoop. Then move on to a spot a few centimeters further down the hoop and tie again and continue in the same fashion till you complete a full circle. For the second round though, tie the string to the middle of the very first loop that you had created and move inwards. As you continue to weave, make sure to pull the thread snug but not overly tight. Make sure that every knot that you tie is tight enough.


The Element To Embezzle Your Handmade Dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher ideas 6

Truth be told; the original dream catchers don’t have any decorative elements. Those features became a part of the modern day dream catchers. In more recent years we have started playing with glitter, fake stones and beads and sequin to name a few. People use a variety of things to represent either the five elements or rainbow colors or anything that they find desirable on their hoop or web. You can use faux feathers, tassels, broken pendants, and gemstones, anything that is shiny and beautiful or perhaps holds meaning to you or your loved ones.

Tip: remember to make a loop at one end of the hoop to hang it with. Or you can simply attach a light weight metal clasp for the purpose or tie a different thread or embroidery string for it. Anything looks beautiful.

Another tip is to keep visiting Aritsna for more interesting DIYs and updates on stylish living.

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