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4 Simple Handmade Gift Ideas

Handmade and Heartfelt

handmade and heartfelt diy

Nothing speaks of your love to your dear ones more than these hand crafted items. They are suitable for almost every occasion and they look pretty and pretty amazing. The personal touch and the thought that go into making them do it every time for anyone in my family. You can start by these simple yet beautiful little things.

Photo Bookmarks

photo bookmarks

Every home has a cute silly bookworm. This is one gift is perfect for your geeky little nephew or little sister. And maybe even your grandparents if they are fond of reading. All you have to do is get a hold of their photos. I personally prefer the most candid shots. Just get them printed on a sturdy glossy paper. Paste them on a hard cardboard piece and then cut them out in shape. You can either go with old pictures or even ask them to pose for new ones. Just imagine what fun would the photo shoot would be. Now conclude your project by attaching a colorful tassel or ribbon of your liking.

Photo Collage Monograms

photo collage monogram

You can find these wooden alphabets at about any craft store. They look exceptionally beautiful when done right or even if they are not, they sure catch your eye every time you walk past them in the dining area. So be it a “K” or a “W”, just make a collage of your favorite pictures. Don’t ruin the actual photos though, just get new copies printed and lay them down in the order you want them to be visible. Stick them good and you can even decorate them with glitter pens and beads and colored strings and ribbons. They make for an attractive piece for the book-shelf or nightstand.

Goodies Bouquet

goodies bouquet

This is without a doubt the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth and for someone who is difficult to shop for! We all love candy, right? You can include that and more, like chocolates, cookies, marshmallow, jelly and whatever you can think of. I like this idea for a “would be” mother or a teenager or perhaps for dads on Father’s Day. And thinking of dads, a liquor bouquet is as thrilling as the candy one. This easily becomes the manliest gift ever with liquor bottles, shot glasses, cigars and filter and probably some beef jerky sticks.

Photo Magnets

photo magnets

This is probably the easiest trick for a neat gift. All you need is a big glass jar or mug or cup that is nicely shaped and spacious enough to hold all the goodies that you are going to buy for Mother’s Day or your friend’s birthday. You could actually do this for just any occasion that comes to your mind. The jar or cup could say anything, from get well soon messages to baby shower blessings to anniversary wishes and much more. You can fill them up with spa kits, baby knitwear, facial gels, and art material, ready to bake cake-mix, gift cards, lip gloss, candy or nail polish. Anything works here and don’t forget to decorate them with your favorite glitter and sequin and what all you can find in your grandmother’s sewing kit.

This is as easy as making those photo bookmarks that we learnt above. Just that instead of tying them with colorful tassels, you attach small pieces of flat magnets at the back. Make them as colorful as you want. You can even use posters of your children’s favorite cartoon characters to add to the fun. So, knock yourself out with this hefty dose of creativity and do remember to visit Artisna whenever you run out of it.

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