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10 Inspiring Eggzamples |Use Eggshells for Cooking, Gardening, Home Décor & More!

Awesome Uses of Eggshells You Never Knew Eggzisted!

eggshells handmade crafts

Who knew that eggshells could do such extraordinary things? All that you need is a tray of eggs and a little creativity. A stable hand won’t harm you either. Get a hold of dome cool tools and you can go at it like a pro.

Egg Cakes and Brownies

eggcake and brownies

We know that eggs go into making them but this is clearly taking it too far and how! Break the eggs carefully though; utilize the insides and then the outside. You might have to get an icing nozzle that is thin enough to line the cake or brownie batter in and keep the surprise intact. And of course you can use brown and white eggs both for a more colorful table setting.

Egg Candles

egg candles

Yep, you heard it right. And since you’re not using them to store anything edible, you can go all the way with their color and appearance. But before that, make sure that you soak them in vinegar solution for about 30 hours to harden them up. Just keep the sauce pan a little away from your other arm while you pour out the wax into the shells. You’ll be in for some real pretty surprise once you light them up on your table.

Eggshell Garden

egg shell garden
Isn’t that amazing? And it reminds you of spring. It is as if you’re holding the season in your hand. Don’t forget to wash them before you fill them with soil and seeds. Now this is where your essential oil dropper bottle would come in handy. Use them to water the shells and keep them by a sunny window. There you have it, garden in an eggshell.

Eggshell Recycling Can Be Fun

eggshell recycling can be fun

You can prepare great bird feed by simply adding crushed shells to their otherwise boring seeds and grains. This could be the most fun luncheon that you will ever get a chance to host in your very own garden. It’ll add a little crunch to their brunch and plus they’ll thank you for making their bones and eggshells stronger.

Calcium Rich Fertilizer

calcium rich fertilizers

Eggshells are such an easy way to make compost at home. If you are a gardener by passion and day, then just shell out those shells and clean them good with warm water. Crush them into small pieces and add them to your soil for healthier in-house vegetation.

Mosaic Frame

mosaic frame eggshells

Your discarded eggshells can take the place of those tiles and broken glass and marble items. Just remember the vinegar trick and they will be hard enough to make for a pretty Mother’s Day gift too. You can either make a picture frame or decorate a pot or accessorize your mirrors with leftover eggshells.

Keep Away Pests

keep away pest eggshells

Yep, eggshells can keep away Japanese beetles, insects, slugs & snails if you own plants. They can also keep house lizards at bay. Just sprinkle some egg shell powder around the base of the plant and on top of its leaves or wherever the insects attack the most.



It is now possible to get smoother skin in a matter of minutes. You can naturally scrub off any dead skin with a blend of dry hardboiled eggshell powder, 2 tbsp of honey and salt. It is suitable for your entire body so no harm in making it in big batches.

Egg Whiten Your Clothes

egg whiten your clothes

You can get whiter whites by this simple tip. Just tie up a few pieces of chopped lemon and some clean and dry eggshells into a muslin cloth and drop it down your washing machine. This will give you the whites that only industry grade laundry whiteners are capable of.

Spotless Utensils

spotless utensils

Eggshells when mixed with your detergent or soapy water would give you a cleaner pot anytime. They are abrasive when crushed and used as a cleaner and can easily replace your steel wool.

Struck By Coffee Love?

struck by coffee love

You can make the bitterness go away by adding eggshells into your coffee. Although rare these days, this practice of adding eggshell powder to coffee grounds can help reduce its bitterness. You can enjoy the rich sweet taste of coffee without the bitter bite. Artisna is always here for more tips on healthy living and homey advice, so do visit again..

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