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Keeping Your Handmade Handbags Handsome

Ways to Preserve Your Bag

handmade handbag for all

Handcrafted items date back millennia and are essentially a part of the rural industry. But off late there production in many countries across the globe has raised their scope and competition in the international market. Handmade bags are the new rage that tops almost every shopper’s list. These are made of natural raw materials and are given their final shape by age old and well tested techniques. There is a wide range of eco-friendly handicrafts around you. These can be found in the local markets and online. But after making a purchase what you need to do is care for them, especially the ones that require maintenance. There uniqueness is what attracted you to them and its upkeep becomes your responsibility.

Not Everyone Has the Skill or Time to Repair Their Handbag

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Even if they do, they can’t be doing it with every piece that they own. Cutting out fabrics, fusing, joining and stitching them were never part of the deal; you were meant to enjoy them, not repair them. So instead, it is better to protect them from spills and stains. If you want to safeguard their genuineness, you better know how to use some real quality fabric protectors. Protecting your precious hand crafted bags that make you stand out of the crowd so easily is very important. Wouldn’t you want the compliments to keep coming your way? There are probably a multitude of protector products that are meant to prevent those stubborn stains and spots from ruining their look. Be it fabric or leather; just grab a pen and paper and start taking notes.

Get Cover

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First things first, to treat your handbag or purse with a fabric protector, you need to prepare it. You can start by covering any metal parts or buttons or adornments or hardware with a tape. You don’t want to harm their polish or glossy texture.

Get Air

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Next thing to do would be to select a place where there is plenty of ventilation. It will be better if you can hang your purse from a support like a tree limb or high fixed hook or just lay it down on newspapers on the ground.

Get Down On It

handmade handbag from artisna

Now is the time to follow the instructions on the back of the bottle cover to the “T.” It usually tells you to apply the product twice. Remember to let the bag completely dry between you apply coats. This provides them excellent protection and the treated fabric can repel liquids and stains well for months to come.

Get Going

branded handbag for women

Beware of the odor. Your treated big would have a weird odor at first but like I said, ventilation is important. The smell should disappear in no time and you will notice that the color of the bag has darkened slightly. For most, this is not a major issue but in case you are too much into its appearance, just consider testing it on a piece of similar fabric before treating your handmade bag. Now stop worrying and enjoy using your bag. It is very well protected. For more helpful updates and ideas stay tuned to Artisna.

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