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How to Make Jewelry At Home

Experimenting is in Human Nature

making jewellery at home

It just comes naturally to us and doing it with jewelry is the right of everyone who wishes to create beautiful things. All you need is a little string of time, a clasp of patience, a stone of effort, and a screw of skill and there you have it, a piece that you can call your own from top to bottom. But you may need a few more tools and materials to help you play with the idea of making  jewelry at home. And if you do succeed to do it right, you may even be able to start a business of making custom necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and what not.

Get Inspired

get inspired by homemade jewelry

When you do decide to design your own jewelry, you’re going to need ideas. So seek them by either looking at others’ possessions or having a closer look at your own collection. This can help you understand what aspects of design you find the most important and will suit your needs the best. No matter if you get inspired by pieces owned by others or end up obsessing over a particular type of bead or clasp that you already own. But just in case you are not able to find inspiration either way, you still have large branded stores to help you out. Go out for some window shopping and indulge only in the looks. Get new and fresh ideas to make your pieces as modern and beautiful as the most in vogue creations they keep. Look at vintage pictures if you want, find anything interesting? Look at other historical pieces or even monuments and cathedrals in your city that you come across and you will find a large number of styles and ideas. The point is to find a design that you want to recreate.

Get Materialistic

get materialistic homemade jewelry

Once you’ve settled on the design and shape aspect; be it soft curves or geometric cuts and lines, the time is right to think about the materials that you want to play with. Metal is a popular choice as they come in various forms and strengths that can be molded and shaped according to our needs and the kind of design we have in mind. And since they are relatively more durable; like gold, silver, copper or brass, you are likely to enjoy them the most. They will be a part of your handmade jewelry in the form of wires, chains and rings, clasps and stone holders.

Shaping Your Idea

shaping your idea homemade jewelry

Sketch away and draw out your ideas on a graph paper first. This way you can decide upon their size, shape, placement of elements, clasps and hooks if any without wasting your time and supplies. You can also use 3d software tools to simulate what exactly your jewels are going to look like once you have the final piece ready. Using 2d applications like coral or photoshop is helpful too if you want to get a clearer picture of what your jewelry should look like.

Coming To Supplies

coming to supplies homemade jewelry

Get a chain of the desired thickness if you wish to attach your favorite charms and beads to it. You can be further bold and play with their length by trimming them down with cutters or pliers.

Grab the clasps that you find the most suitable for your project. There are many different types of them available and the few or the one best for your project will be based on what type of jewelry you are making. The size and weight of the string, chain, stones or beads will also help you pick out the perfect clasp.

You can pick a lobster clasp which is ideal for necklaces or toggles that give a more streamlined and modern look. Likewise there are barrel clasps which consist of two tube-like structures that screw together and then there is hook and eye which is probably the simplest clasp and best used to secure heavy necklaces.

Adding beads to your jewelry could make a big difference. They are frequently used in jewelry and provide a cool look to a simple string or accompany your pendants while balancing their opulence. Their materials vary and can be inexpensive or pricey. You can find wooden beads or plastic ones or glass, shell, stones, polymer and even clay and the colors just seem to go on and on.

Gems are in too. If you do want to add a little bling to your jewelry and it is obvious that you would, then using either real or fake gemstones is a must. But you need some idea of how to handle them and ensure first that you have the proper setting for it in your piece. The common ones are diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, opal, topaz and you may also think about Swarovski crystals or even American diamonds that are said to be the best substitute for the real ones.

Strings Attached

strings attached homemade jewelry

You need something to bind them together and a strong string is ideal to hold your beads, charms, stones and pendants together. Depending on the weight of your items and pieces you are going to need something that is sturdy and flexible enough like a wire or an elastic string, a twine or a fishing line or whatever material that suits you best.


homemade jewelry tools

If you decide to use any metals you are going to need tools that can cut, mold, reshape and modify metal into the desired shape and size. You would need several tools in case you want to go all the way and come up with some really intricate and complex pieces of jewelry. Just make sure that they are high quality and sharp as you may end up hurting yourself by employing blunt tools. Think about a complete set of pliers; nylon jaw or round nosed or chain nosed ones. You can consider bent chain nose pliers and sharp scissors and wire cutters that fit your hand well and satisfy all your cutting needs.

Jewelry Making Skills

jewelry making skills

You can first practice making jewelry with inexpensive pieces, clasps and beads so that you can get the hang of it and don’t end up ruining your precious or semi-precious stones and metals. If you are new to it, then try out straightening, bending and curving wires with the use of tools that you procured. Experiment with things like cutting different pieces of metals, wood and plastic, etc. so that you can understand the behavior of different materials before beginning on your actual jewelry.

Try out making loops to hang and fix objects such as clasps and hooks. Using some beads and fake stones to carve out something for starters will help you build up confidence and make you used to gripping and squeezing the tools all the while maintaining the right balance to avoid any mishap or injury. Now that you have a basic understanding of how to go about making your own jewelry it is time to put the knowledge into action. And if you do decide to start up a handmade jewelry business, always remember where you found the idea and keep coming back to Artisna for more artistic insights.

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