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Making Light Last Longer

Thinking of Redecorating?

Think again. Think about the light, think about how to get it in and for long. Nobody wants to spend their day in a gloomy and dull room. You’ve done probably all you could to get the best wall paint or the most comfy sofa sets and bar stools. You’ve even made space for the spice and liqueur cabinet that your husband was cribbing about. But how do you make all that visible? Without ample light coming into your home, you are bound to feel murky. You can’t really do much about the natural amount of light that your house gets but you can make the most of it while it’s around.

Use Mirrors

mirrors role in room

By placing more mirrors in your house you can create the illusion of having more space and more light. A mirror adjacent to a window will create the illusion of having more windows. Placing it opposite a window will reflect the light that enters your room and the scene visible from that window, thus lighting your spaces better.

Bring in Reflective Surfaces

reflective surfaces in room

Any surface that reflects light around would be ideal in this situation for both, your house and office spaces. Use of marbles, natural stones and fine wooden textures would make sure that maximum light bounces around when low on illumination. Such surfaces can reflect back most of the light they receive and make your space look more vibrant.

Let the Light Come in

sunlight in room

Make as much space as possible for light to enter. Start by removing anything that blocks its way. You should choose to avoid those heavyset cabinets and chunky wall hangings. Try as much as you can to use furniture that does not block your windows or open spaces from where the light enters. Avoid dark surfaces, furniture, objects and decorations as they absorb light and reflect none back to your rooms.

White Means Light

white means light

If not exactly white then go for something that is close to it. Pale color palette that includes lightest shades of greens, olives, blues, violets, pinks and yellows would do it. These colors and of course white reflect light the most as compared to others. Go for a lighter ceiling if your walls are dark. Contrary to what many of us might think, a matte paint for walls or ceiling is more reflective than a glossy finish. Yes, instead of trying to form a reflection of the light source, a flat matte surface reflects the photons that illuminate the room much more.

Add a Cleaning Regime

cleaning in room

Keeping your furniture, fixtures, light sources such as tubes, lamps and bulbs, surfaces and decorative objects clean would make sure that maximum light is reflected around. Each of your surfaces should shine in order to make the most of the light that you receive. Make room for these tips in your daily life and see the way your days and your home light up. Also, do make it a point to select a few precious articles from here the moment you decide to redecorate. And after you’re done with reinventing your home, do come back to Artisna for some more enlightening insights.

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