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Here are a few things you didn’t know about it!

handmade jewelry for women and girls

Handmade jewelry has become very popular lately and the rage is not only due to the amazing designs but also the fact that these are safe for you. The amount of personal attention and love that goes into making each article of impeccable detail infuses art with hard work. The intelligent cuts and curves are evident in these masterpieces and this is what most people like about it. But many of us still don’t understand why handmade jewelry is seen more of an investment than an object to be owned.

No Machinery, No Mess

handmade jewelry no machine use

Isn’t it obvious by definition that handmade jewelry is absolutely and literally made by hand? The artisan or maker solders the pieces and saws, carves and shapes them without taking any assistance from heavy manufacturing equipment of any kind. At one hand, a machine can produce hundreds of units per hour that are identical to one another while a hand on the other hand is capable of making a finite quantity in the same amount of time but still with precision and uniqueness.

Value of Time

value of time- handmade jewelry

Like we mentioned that a piece to be carved to perfection takes a lot of time and hard work and since there is no machine at work here, handmade jewelry undoubtedly takes an incredible amount of time. For a single piece, a designer would often have to spend hours depending on the preferences of the client. It can take days or may be even weeks.

The Personal Touch

personal touch in handmade jewelry

The maker of such a classically beautiful object gets into the intimate details of the jewelry. He or she decides the size, the material to be used, the stones and adornments to be fixed and the way it is going to sit on the body. The relationship that they establish with each piece is the reason they are valued so.

Material Used

material used in handmade jewelry for women and girls

In almost every hand crafted piece that we see, the value of the materials matters a lot. For mass produced jewelry in particular, it becomes rather difficult to assess exactly what metals and alloys are used. In handmade goods though, the metals that are blended together to create pretty pieces are generally sourced from reputed suppliers.


sustainability of handmade jewelry for women and girls

The carefully chosen materials and alloys are enough to ensure sustainability. Handmade goods industry is all about ethics and art is not something that artisans are willing to stain with shady sourcing and substandard stuff. Where items are designed with individual attention and on a smaller scale, durability and sustainability come naturally.


quality of handmade jewelry for women and girls

We already pointed out that the scale of production is much smaller as compared to mass produced goods. This is what ensures higher quality because this makes tracking and controlling the process easier. From start to finish, every maker or artisan puts their skill and reputation in the piece and nothing of inferior quality is allowed to hamper that goodwill and that name that they are so proud of.

Local Love

love feeling in handmade jewelry for women and girls

Buying local is in vogue these days. Everybody likes to go with this latest buzz and this indeed reduces your carbon footprint and supports the local budding artisans. It is not only good for the environment but the infused love and energy that each piece brings to your home is priceless. Along with the quality that they offer, you get to own a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that is handmade and rare because nobody can exactly replicate what an individual hand does with art. And with Artisna you can find some of the most exquisite handmade jewelry pieces. They are an ideal gifting option and clearly something to own with pride. Stay tuned for more artistic updates.

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