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How to Reuse Old Clothes Intelligently

Reuse Old Clothes with New Style!

Old Clothes New Style

So you've lost weight or just grown tired of that same old wardrobe that you’ve been wearing for the past 10 years. You want some change and it’s understandable. Your old and used clothes can be a source of inspiration and a way to revamp your style and fashion quotient. Fabric has so many possibilities, so start by saving your old clothes not throwing them away. You can reuse old clothes and turn those rugged rags of denim or worn out shirts into something entirely different.

Cool Denim Cut-offs

Cool Denim Cut-offs

This is my personal favorite and used denim is without a doubt perfect for this kind of project. All you need is a washed out or an almost retired pair of jeans, a pair of sharp scissors and some sewing equipment. Cut off the jeans into the desired length so as to ensure that it has a neater and more fashionable fit. Alter the fitting as you please with the help of your sewing kit and the more the stitches are visible, the better for the distressed look. In fact, you can rip them off at places for that worn out look. That just adds to the rugged appeal. Add zippers, buttons and sequins if you want. You can add a leather patch too in case you are designing one for your man.

Patchy Shirts & Jackets

Patchy Shirts & Jackets

Sway away from the traditional by making your shirts patchier than ever. No, I’m not talking about just the elbows but the sleeves and the pockets. You can give your old shirts a new life by attaching and sewing patches of conflicting or matching colored fabrics and clothes. Don't forget to play with the collar by adding synthetic leather perhaps or by just snipping a soft jute bag and making cuffs out of them is a great way to reuse old clothes. Thinking about going for a full blown patchy shirt? Take it onse step further and add some glitter for a fun look. The ideas have no bounds.

Fabric Accessories

Fabric Accessories

And they are not new; just a bit less treaded a path. Well, you are going to need a little workout for these because a fabric would require a certain something to hold good under pressure to be called an accessory. You can start by thin metal wires for your head bands, bangles, necklaces and bracelets. You can also braid long strips of cloth together to make them stick together in a tighter grip and then stitch them with a thread. Use beads, even fake stones and metal parts to add bling and there you have it. And the fun doesn’t end here; you can make belts, anklets and ear rings and so much more.

Sturdy Aprons

colorful aprons

Yeah, that is something of use right here. We all have one or two dresses that just won’t quit. They were nice and all lustrous once upon a time but now they’re an eyesore from the great house of God knows what. You don’t have to be that brash with them because you might still have use for them. Though the color and the fitting has vanished but the cloth remains intact like ever and so this makes this dress perfect for functioning as an apron. Use a pair of scissors to cut it in the shape of an apron and there is no need to sweat because it is going to fit you no matter how you design it. Use the extra fabric to make the knots behind it.

Soft Toys

soft toys for kids

Play with them but for that you might need a little extra tutorials on stitching and sewing, nonetheless it’s worth a try. You can either make a set of doll clothes for your young girls or simply re-stuff their flaccid stuffed animals. You can even make patches and repair their soft toys for a cooler and hipper look. Try making a bean bag chair out of them and your kids will love you for it.

Snuggly Winter Wear

snuggly winter wear

Winter wear is important and the more we invest in it the lesser it seems. You must have something woolly lying around in your house that doesn’t really look good with a new pair of denims but would probably look ravishing as a hat or socks. Any old sweater that is worn out or probably is torn up badly would have enough fabric left in it to make a snuggly hat or a muffler and trust me they make for perfect winter companions.

Lamp Shades

lamp shades

You can never go wrong with them. You don’t even have to decide upon the size and shape of it beforehand. Just stitch and attach pieces that you think would look cute together. Once you’re done, throw it on the lamp frame that you want to revamp and that’s it. It gives off a rustic look and if you want that traditional and together piece, you can that way too. Phew! That was a heavy dose of creativity up there but we have more for you. Tune into Artisna again for some more edgy lifestyle tips.

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