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Recycle To Refurnish Your Home

Looking for great Furniture?

Don't look further than your basement or garage because that is where we store all our unusable stuff that we more often than not label as "waste." We at Artisna are known for making clever choices. Not to blow our own trumpet but we do notice what others hardly do and this is what lets us come up with awesome redecorating ideas. We take pains while furnishing our home or office spaces but little do we know that choosing furniture made from recycled materials can make a big difference. Not only does it impact our planet, our lives but also our health.

furniture redecorating ideas

This is probably one of the best ways to go green when refurnishing your home and making your house an example of modern day sustainability. So no matter if you are genuinely diligent about making this choice or doing so for your kids or your wife or just plainly impressed by the large number of innovative designers that offer unique pieces. We don't wish to throttle you with companies that produce such products or name brands that store such stuff. It is for the craver of artistic knowledge. So just read along to understand the basic concept of recycled materials that might change the way you perceive furniture.


wood furniture redecorating ideas

Wood is the universal favorite. If taken care of right, it will last you a really, really long time. Sources of recycled or reclaimed wood could be old furniture or houses or pieces flawed wood or scraps from a factory, etc. Some reclaimed wood can even reach you from sunken logs. Either way, furniture made from reclaimed wood or any other material is usually crafted by hand in the safest of environments that make them a greener option than mass produced goods.

Metal and Plastic

metal and plastic furniture

Similarly recycled metal and plastic are becoming a bigger rage among people by every passing day. More and more furniture is being made from these materials these days. These items require relatively lesser processing and fewer resources to create, and help support artisans that depend on them for their livelihood. As technologies progress, so does our produce and the quality of recyclable plastics and metals. It is not just about the materials used here though. The level of expertise and creativity that go into making every piece form a part of the basic guiding principles that you need to keep in mind when looking for furniture made from recycled materials.

Recyclable Means Disassemblable

recycle means furnitures

If your eco-friendly furniture is easy to repair, disassemble and recycle further, then investing in them would be the right option. These products are usually very easy to move or relocate as they can be easily taken apart. The different constituent parts can be sorted out and recycled as soon as they are used up.

Durability and Fixability

furniture durability and reliability

You can’t question the durability and fixability of this kind of furniture which is one of the most important but overlooked aspects of green products. If the fixtures you bought are tough and can be readily repaired, they will not end up in the back lawn along with your grandma’s old rusting chair. Well, you would argue that the initial price that you pay is rather on the higher end but it saves you repair and maintenance costs in the long run.

So How Do We Wind Them Up After We Have Exhausted Them?

other exhausted item furniture ideas

We can't keep any piece of furniture or a decorative thing in our home forever. We change constantly and so do our furnishing needs. There always comes a time when you need to say the final words, when you have to bid them goodbye. It is not all that difficult because one man’s trash is always another man’s treasure. Finding a new home for your beloved furniture shouldn’t take much time unless you have something else planned for them. If you are the crafty type; a person who intends to make things beautiful then you could have some fun with every piece of furniture that you own. All your old wooden, metal or plastic fixtures and rotting furnishings can be made fully functional and freshened up with a bit of anti-termite polish, glues, spare parts, new paint or finish. So go at it and give the artist in you a chance and afterwards do visit for more artistic insights.

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