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5 Easy DIYs to Restore the Beauty of Your Home

Begin Redecorating with Handmade Ideas - Your Home Craves Change 

easy diy for home 1

It is in need for some attention from you. It calls for your touch. Especially the old and ragged furniture that has been lying around for years deserves more than just your attention. There are several ways to redecorate your home and give your old and lifeless fixtures, tables, chairs and couches a new dimension and that too with a little creativity and an even smaller monetary investment.

Message Boards

easy diy for home message boardrs

Your old and worn out grandma’s chair is the perfect raw material or this kind of project. It will look antique and vintage but that’s the point. The oversized chair wasn’t any good anyway so you might as well make a message board out of it. You can hammer colorful tipped nails into it and make it your very own handmade scheduler or planner. And the same can be done with an old mattress spring. After removing from the padding, just clean the dirt and rust and coat it with an enamel of your choice. Stick some clothes pins between the rings and hang it on the wall.

Wooden Ladder Shelf

easy diy for home wooden ladder

So you thought that the creaking sound, the unsteadiness, and the jagged edges make it unusable? Think again because this tilted, imbalanced and chipping wooden wonder could make your home appear more stylish than ever. It would look especially cool sticking to the wall. You can buff the chips away and coat it with a primer before applying a few coats of your favorite paint and designing your dear daisies on it. Or you can go with the rustic appeal instead but do apply the primer as it will prevent it from chipping further and will keep the aging look intact.

Playful Table Top

easy diy for home wooden top

Every household has at least one piece of furniture that does NOT want to quit. The edges are coming off, the mica is chipping and the look is fading. The one thing that these pieces are surprisingly holding on to is their durability. Yes, the wooden structure underneath the withering coats of polish is so sturdy that you don’t want to get rid of it. Like I said, these pieces are worth restoring and there are plenty of ways to go about it. These can be your old and heavy sofa sets, your mother’s vintage queen size bed or husband’s library wall unit that he inherited over generations.

easy diy for home table top

These allow for utility but not display. So make them appear as beautiful as they deserve to be. You can do away with the old colors and mica and choose a coat or covering that make them pop. Buff away the old polish and spray on a new paint or better yet, let your kids do it. You can land up with a cool looking dresser for your kids. Give them some gold or silver accents to maintain that vintage look. Choose a different color of polish for a different color tone. The possibilities are endless.

Industrial Office Look

easy diy for home- industrial official look

Raw and unfinished look is quite in these days. Office spaces that keep the plumbing visible are considered cool and adventurous. Nuts and bolts that line the sides of the table top make it look bold and rustic yet in vogue. Your old garage door could serve as a wonderful source of wood for your newest table top. The wheels of your old car can be turned into a neat seating arrangement. And a shelving unit can always be created from that same old withering ladder we used earlier.

China Beautified

easy diy for home- teracota china cups

They don’t need to just sit around anymore in your kitchen taking up space and adding to the clutter. You’ve used all of them up and probably broken a few while at it. They were intricate and rare but then you can save them and their beauty. Your favorite china plate or saucer can be decorated the way you please. You can use beads, lace, stones, shiny metal wires, sequins and a strong adhesive to immortalize it. The set could have been a gift from your grandmother or a distant but dear relative. This is a way to preserve their memory and that too in style. So while you are at it, we’ll make sure to come up with plenty of insightful and interesting DIYs for your home. Stay tuned to Artisna for more.

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