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6 Easy Ideas to Redecorate Your Home with Handmade Creations

DIYs For Reinstating Your Old Furniture


Your journey to a more beautiful home continues here with more incredible tips from Artisna that complete your decor and complement your style. Read on to find out amazing ways to redecorate your home with handmade creations.

Fireplace Mantels


No problem if your cabinet door or table legs gave way. They can always be used again and this time with more flair and purpose. It is the perfect way to make a beautiful mantel décor out of old table tops and garage or kitchen doors that you find hanging not so well by their hinges. Replacing them is a good idea but what you do with the old panels and wooden pieces can change the entire look of your home. You can decorate them with art pieces and objects of your liking and make a new focal point altogether.

Old Containers

diy at home plantation

You can reuse old and deformed containers this way and it is probably the best way to give them a new life. Actually the more deformed the better for the old and rustic look. You can scrape and remove the rust if any and then paint accents on the depressions and make them look edgier. You can even use a primer and then leave it as it is to preserve the worn out look. Use it to keep dry kitchen supplies or toiletries or show pieces or even plant a small kitchen garden in them if you like.

Cupboard Covered Desks

diy at home furniture

The once old, unused and ignored cupboards and cabinets can become very functional all over again. All you need is a little creativity and may be an extra piece of wood. Old cupboards can be reused and reincarnated into something as useful and practical as an office desk or kitchen counter. With a little maintenance and some refinishing strokes of and paint and polish, you can turn a long time idle antique into a practical home office desk. And not to forget about the cupboard drawers that will also allow for plenty of storage space.

Damage is Done Away With

custom handmade diy at home

You can hide all and every damage that ever hammered the look of that corner chair or stool. What you are going to need is some colored paper and a little flair for decoupage. Every damaged piece, object or furniture can be converted into an article of decoration. You can cut out glossy magazine pages, shimmery paper, newspapers, maps and almost anything that you think suitable to add a character to that old and worn out chair or dresser. Not only would it hide their flaws but also give your room a distinct look.

Point of Color

furniture for home

Yes, making your furniture pop out is very much possible. By just adding a color that is different or brighter than the rest of your décor, you can add an element of surprise and freshness to your entire setting. An object that sports floral patterns as opposed to the geometric ones that are prevalent around the room can break the monotony. A table or centre piece that is as bright and colorful as the rainbow itself can be a total eye catcher.

Papered Table Top

diy at home table top

You can pick out the most unexpected materials and textures to turn your old furniture into artistic objects. Their uniqueness will stun everyone and turn your once dilapidated dining table or couch or table top into a work of art. You can use wallpaper leftovers, paint, even thick faux leather patches for the job. Add style and a cool quotient to your home with these tips from Artisna and always remember to come back to us for more.

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