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Scarves - From History to Fashion

Scarves do a lot to spice up your look but do you know anything about their heritage and origin? They have a long and impressive history and not many people know that this interesting piece of accessory is actually Roman by birth. The sole purpose of these creations was to help people keep clean. Yes, the scarf was used as a cleaning cloth and not as something of a fashion accessory. It was called a sudarium which means "sweat cloth."

Scarves - From History to Fashion

A scarf could easily be found with any construction man or a farmer who would carry it with him while he worked hard in the open or in the hot weather. This was used to combat perspiration, and men would wear it either around their neck or on their belt. Another early and interesting use for scarves was in the military. Ranks and distinctions among many soldiers were easy to determine by their hairstyle and the scarves they sported. These were back then a part of their uniform accents.

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It was only in the 1800s that many popular fashion houses started manufacturing scarves as fashion items. Those were usually made from silk and had ornate patterns on them. As fashion progressed, scarf production was increased due to increased consumer demand. Slowly they were being made in more affordable fabrics such as rayon and the final product was targeted on women. Females who could not afford the luxury of silk scarves could now sport a fashionable accessory without straining their budget.

Slowly both handmade and machine manufactured scarves reached higher popularity and came to be used as a common accessory by both men and women. This was during the 20th century. As the times changed, scarf fabrics and their patterns and styles became more indicative of current economic and social conditions prevailing around us. For instance scarves manufactured during the WWII period were muted in color which reflected the current mood and conserved resources. On the other hand scarves of the 60s were bright in color and had floral patterns and were a sign of better times coming our way.

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The Scarf Story Today

Scarves - From History to Fashion_1

Now what we see is that as the weather starts to change its mood, our wardrobe choices start to change as well. We want something that plays an important role in altering our look. Certain humble handmade scarf designs are the obvious choice for many. This is because it is not just a piece of accessory rather a more classic investment. Nowadays handmade scarves are not only made for the purpose of keeping you warm, comfortable and cozy but for numerous purposes. It is safe to say that trends keep changing, the fabrics keep shifting and so do the purpose of scarves.

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Now you can find woolen and synthetic materials and also the light cotton scarves that are feathery to the touch and rest like air around your neck. So yes, these are no longer a seasonal accessory. Like I said, its position in the fashion world has always been changing and in recent years, the scarf has been recognized as more of a fashion accessory than a necessity. So now if you see someone wearing a scarf, be it during summer or winter, you wouldn’t find it inappropriate because it is very much similar in use to stuff like a handbag or statement or initial jewelry.

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Why Are We In Love With Scarves?

Scarves - From History to Fashion_2

A traditional hand knitted scarf or even a machine made scarf is beautiful, functional and fashionable in so many ways. Your scarves are fun, classic, unique, comfortable and versatile.


Handmade scarves compliment and go well with almost every style of outfit. There is one for every occasion and body type and at least one for everyone considering that they can be fully customized. On top of that, there are so many ways to tie a scarf that you will never get bored of sporting one.

2.Pro Minimalist

If you believe in flaunting a simple dressing style yet want to look your best, a handmade scarf can be your best friend. Scarves are every minimalist's ideal way to pull together an outfit and make a fashion statement that is distinct and not at all over the top.


Handmade scarves and wraps are in particular very unique and never fail to accentuate your look. They are easy to incorporate in your personal style and also let you turn heads every time you make an entrance. Grab yourself one now!

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