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Serve in Style – Hand Crafted Bar Carts

Lifestyle Magazines Are So Inspiring Aren’t They?

bar handmade item ideas

They coax you into making room for more furniture, more wall hangings, more showpieces and more accessories. But not all of them are helpful when it comes to giving you insights on making the most of the light that you get or the space that you have or the overall plan and décor of the house. Now bar carts for example had practically fallen from the face of the earth into oblivion for a long time. But they are now gaining popularity by every passing day. We can thank the resourceful writers of the same lifestyle magazines for pointing them out. Well, it is not just these paper clad messengers but our favorite TV shows too that flaunt bar carts in all their glory. They are not just a remnant of history or a long forgotten relic to be collected at the end of a neighbor’s garage sale. Bar carts have become one of the many valuable accessories for homes today.

They Are Perfect For You


And for everyone who likes to enjoy a glass of wine with friends at the end of a long week; and who doesn’t like that? You know what the best part about them is though? Apart from the fact that they store your fine liquor in the most beautiful of fashions, they adapt well to your home. These are highly customizable and made by hand by experienced artisans and furniture makers keeping your interiors and utility in mind. No matter what the size and shape of those bottles are, hand-crafted bar carts add a delicate look and a sturdy function to your overall liqueur storage. Finding a style that fits your home décor is not that difficult but you need to be clear of the options to pick the right one for yourself.



Now this is a style that becomes the reason for many heated conversations. It is a growing trend, but still we come across most people who just don't want a reminder of a time forgotten in their home. But you can prevent the “back to the future” syndrome by simply getting inspired by the retro look and not going overboard. Your midcentury bar cart too will display clean lines and natural colors. These pieces are usually characterized by strong woods such as teak and oak and some metal if you prefer it.


industrial bar cart

When you don’t care or rather like to display the hard lines and pipes in your building, you are an industrial style fan. You prefer the raw and unfinished yet well kept look. This is about giving a character to your house and the style of bar cart that goes with it keeps up to its name. You can select the piece that is as functional and as stylish. These will be ideal for commercial spaces, offices, loft apartments and modern homes.


glamorous bar cart

This style defines who you are deep down. You're traditional and fashionable and love pretty and put-together things. You prefer a little sparkle and gloss and a lot of ornamentation. The bar cart for you is the one that is equally vivid and detailed. Make a statement with a little more of formal and historical pieces.


rustic bar cart

If you are into rough displays of rugged objects, you are into the rustic style of decorating. Your home is unpretentious and flaunts organic textures and shapes. The bar cart that gives a kind of natural warmth to the onlookers is the one for you. The lines and joints appear to be honest and unstudied. Choose the bold and blunt and add something real to your already humble home. Stay tuned for more incredible artistic insights.

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