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The Trending Trends of Artisan Crafts

Handmade Goods Go Global

Market research analysts worldwide are predicting a global rise in the handicrafts sector. The international handmade goods market is expected to grow at a tremendous rate of 12 %. It is evident that the initial investment required is small yet significant. From the setup cost to labor to raw materials and transportation cost; everything is of primary importance is we want to see this industry prosper to new heights. At Artisna we understand that the handicrafts industry acts as an important source of foreign exchange for many countries as it has immense export potential.

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The humongous employment opportunities both in international and domestic cultural tourism is also expected to boost this growth rate further. The latest buzz is that Japan’s government has introduced several campaigns to increase the country’s tourism. The resultant rise in the number of tourists has led to an increase in the sales of handicraft items in Japan. The rise in tourism has fuelled the demand for cultural goods, uncommon souvenirs, and indigenous art.

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Artisan made goods also provide incredible décor options that can be used to renovate or redesign your home. The intricate details and had crafted perfection is what make these goods such prized possessions. Each product holds significance to the respective culture and tells us a different story. Promoting this industry straight away means uplifting the underprivileged and bringing them to prosperity. Artisna is an effort and an undertaking that is focused on providing the right platform to these budding and undertrained artists to enhance their skills and learn the trade secrets of the international handicrafts market.


This is the right way to make them aware of their lineage as not only a means of inspiration to the world but also establish it as a dependable source of income. Purchasing handmade goods is in vogue too. With leading stores across the US and many European countries now seeking personalized and artisan made products to adorn their shelves, the industry has received the much needed boost. We want to make it a global phenomenon by harmonizing the demand with the supply.

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