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Decorating Walls Made Easy!

Walls that Wow!

handmade decorative walls

They are not mere walls. They are a canvas if you are playful. They speak to you if you are thoughtful. They can be as beautiful as you are graceful. Yes, you can find right now, the things that many desire to make their home look and feel more welcoming. There is a multitude of shades and millions of colors to choose from once you start looking. Just experimenting a little to enhance the appearance of your walls may find you more drama than you thought possible. Your walls add a whole new dimension to your room and if you think that you could do better with some artistic counsel, we are here. Read on to find out how you can play with textures and the thought of them as well.

Bold, Blatant and Beautiful

beautiful wall background

You can go out and out with these ultra modern beauties to make your room more dynamic in a single stroke. What textures can do for your home is spark up the interiors without having to change your furniture or flooring or any other accessories. Today adding a little character to your walls is very easy given the wide availability of textured wall panels. These can be bought in sheets and attached to the wall for a distinct look.

Intriguing Illusions

intriguing illusions

You can even give the illusion of a texture. While you will agree that touchable textures give a nice look and feel, there are people around us who often desire a more subtle look. This can make the walls blend in well with your decor instead of standing out as an obvious attention seeker. Faux finishing with as many colors you want gives the wall a 3D look that almost imitates the highlights and shadows of an actual textured wall. This technique helps you achieve a unique look for every room in your house.

Taking an Artistic Dip

taking an artistic dip

Walls can be made to look like artwork too you know! Many people these days like to have their walls depict a story or a scene like those in the popular Italian chapels, museums and their favorite travel destinations and much more. Paintings on interior walls can and do involve anything from realistic images to textures and patterns. This is one way that you can add art to your life. An experienced artisan can change the entire aura of your room by giving it more depth and character. The results are simply stunning and are enough to transport you to another country or better yet, another century.

Adding a Splash of Color

adding a splash of color

You can break up the monotony of a monochrome room with lively textures. If you are a minimalist and prefer rather subdued and monochromatic interiors, having a few places or walls of color around the house can break the usual uniformity and prevent the eye from getting bored. There are handmade fabrics, superiorly crafted wall panels and artisan made wall hangings that can be used to give texture to your walls. So give your place a personality update without even trying too hard. There are some really great ways to add color, depth and character to your walls here at Artisna. It is just a matter of time until you find the best pick for your house. So do make it a point to visit us for more valuable and home savvy insights.

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