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Egyptian Blue Auralite 23 Healing Power Reiki Awaking Obelisk Statue Tower

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Product Description

Stone Name : Blue Auralite 23

Color : Blue

Origin : India

These are Very Rare & Very Large (giant) Four Faceted Auralite Amethyst Obelisk Statue Tower from India that would be great to use in healing sessions and Grid sets.

Auralite 23 Crystals,are about 1.2 BILLION Years old.The stone itself, works with the upper chakras, but more specifically, has a healing role all over the body, and on all levels. It is calming, and it acts as a bridge between the worlds. It is a stone of all emowering knowledge, and inspiration. it will help you greatly, to understand your shortfalls, and your abilities, like never before. Work with this stone slowly, and get used to it for a time, as it sweeps away debris from

This calming, protective stone is an excellent meditation tool that accelerates the development of psychic abilities. It’s also a stone to attract

Auralite’s healing power is a unique mixture of energetic vibrations. Taken together, Aurolite’s principle energy is to teach us that “all is one”. Auralite crystals help us see how we can evolve and heal from past pain, and guides us to sources that can benefit us.

It is a stone that opens the mind and spirit, recognizing connections between our inner self and our outer life. Auralite offers strength and wisdom as we align ourselves with our true path.

Auralite-23 is one of the only Crystals in the world that connects to its keeper like a twin spirit. This stone teaches that "All is as One", reminding of how alike one-another are to each other despite outer differences. This is a stone that reads into its keeper's spirit, searching and highlighting that which could be improved, and that which can benefit from healing or clearance.

This is a stone that opens up the mind and spirit of the being, enough to recognize connections to the inner self, and to outer life, that are worthy of exploration and strengthening. Auralite-23 crystal teaches of the many benefits of recognizing places of peace and serenity, and then integrating those places into daily life.

Auralite-23 Crystal resonates well with the body's energy centers, especially from the Heart center, up to the Crown center. This stone will work positively with what is associated with these particular energy centers.

Metaphysically, Auralite has many of the characteristics of Amethyst but is much stronger in the area of shamanic journeys, past life work, enhancing metaphysical abilities, spiritual transformation and physical healing. This is also one of the best stones to use in connecting grids, creating harmony, clarity and protection.

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Additional Information

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Another beautifulReview by Sanam
Another beautiful treasure from Far Arden Essentials! I love this shop! Highly tecommend!! (Posted on 10/10/2016)

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